TeacherWall.com – Rate The Teachers You Have Had

  • October 18, 2010

TeacherWall.comTeacherwall offers people a chance to rate all the teachers they have had the pleasure/misfortune of having in their lives. Comments can be accompanied by images and videos, and anything can be said as long as the tone is kept respectful.

And others can add their own insight to any comment that you make. They will be able to back you up or defend any teacher that you have panned, and upload media in order to make their points more clearly.

And the homepage features a list of the most popular teachers for you to take a good look at them.

Sites such as this one are not really that widespread, and that is a bit disconcerting when one think of the impact they can have on the educational system. Websites of this nature let people say what they truly think, and that makes for the provision of the most honest form of feedback there could be. That is, as long as the content is curated so as to keep trolls out of the picture.

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