TeachersCount.org – Resources For Teachers

  • July 15, 2008

TeachersCount.orgTeachersCount is a non-profit organization that has the aim of raising the status of the teaching profession as well as providing resources to the education community. As the website itself puts it, “If you’re a teacher, if you want to be a teacher or if you want to help teachers, this is the site for you”.

This is quite accurate, as the site is subdivided accordingly. For instance, existing teachers will find online resources geared towards professional career development alongside a FAQ which is named “I’m a Teacher” that provides information on topics such as “Where can I find a teaching job?” and “Will my certification transfer if I move to a new State?”. For its part, the “I Want to Teach” category encompasses resources like a detailed list of the various teaching degrees available along with featured scholarships. Finally, a section named “I’m a teacher booster” lists the national social marketing campaigns in support of the teaching profession that are implemented by TeachersCount. TeachersCount.org

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