Teacherlinx.com – A Network For Teachers

  • October 22, 2009

Teacherlinx.comIf you are a teacher or an educator, checking this website out will probably be a worthwhile experience. Essentially, it acts as a networking site where teachers can connect and interact with each other in the way people do within social resources.

The aim of the site is to foster the quality of education all over the world by letting teachers share their experiences in the classroom, as well as creating and sharing lesson plans. Besides, worksheets, quizzes and tests can be shared that way. And the site even makes it possible for lessons to be stored in order to be employed at a later date.

The site also empowers teachers to keep in touch with older colleagues, who will no doubt have some valuable experiences for sharing with members of younger generations.

At the end of the day, the site plays out a very valuable role: letting individuals make strides towards developing their full potential as educators. Pay it a visit at the provided address if you are one, and want to make your time at the classroom become somehow more productive both for you and your students.

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