TeachersSupportNetwork.com – Resources For Teachers

  • July 7, 2008

TeachersSupportNetwork.comThe Teachers Support Network is a portal that enables teachers to find jobs within the fields of their expertise, as well as providing school districts with a searchable database of potential teaching candidates. As a result, the site comprises two main sections: one entitled “For Teachers”, which allows said professionals to specify what level they want to teach along with the corresponding subjects, and a section that caters for school districts.

The latter lets the concerned individual specify the licensure that the candidate should have as well as the endorsement. What’s more, the site includes a “Become a teacher” category that provides the interested party with resources such as information on alternative certifications. Further resources include webinars and an online assessment of teaching skills that goes by the name of “TeacherKeys”, and it is based upon the WorkKeys system developed by ACT, the provider of information and resources for those who have to make career decisions. TeachersSupportNetwork.com

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