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  • April 2, 2008

Teach-Nology.comTeach-Nology.com is provides printable and digital content, assessment tools, educational services and other educational materials for teachers.

This site is a learning and information resource that aims to help teachers in the classroom activities. At the same time, it provides teachers with online tools and resources that save time and add fun to their classes such as printable worksheets, lessons plans, bilingual resources and quizzes. Most of the services on the web site are free of charge and without subscription; but you will have to pay in order to have access to others, 3 types of membership are available. You have access to more than 27,000 lesson plans. You will find teaching resources for plenty of subjects such as English, Literature, Biology, History and many others. If you wish you can subscribe to the website newsletter to be informed of the latest features and also receive free teaching tips. In addition, teachers have the chance to join the “ Forums” and “Message Boards” where they can post and read comments and take part on discussions. Teach-Nology.com

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