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Teas2Dine4.com – Tea Party Time!

  • February 27, 2008

Teas2Dine4.comNot quite fitting into the hard rock partying concept, tea parties in themselves are quite a sophisticated hosting issue, and getting the right kind of tea to match the right kinds of biscuits, cake or sandwiches in the correct china can be a bit of a feat for beginners, so fear no more if your horrid mother in law said she’d pop up for a cup of tea: here’s an arsenal of tips and tea savvy that would make Martha Stewart go green with envy. From etiquette to recipes and tea party themes to tea party favors, everything is under control in this site, which offers lots of very interesting articles and links to other sites that deal with some more specific aspects of tea party-giving.

In any case, the true goal of Teas2Dine4.com is to spread the joy and tranquility of having a good cup of tea with friends or relatives, and to help hosts plan and execute everything to perfection so that they can relax and enjoy the company. Also very interesting for teacup, teapot and china collectors will be the links that point to eCommerce sites specializing in these objects. Teas2Dine4.com

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