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  • May 9, 2010

tDash.orgGetting the most out of Twitter is not just a matter of having used it for a long time, it is also a matter of how have you been using it. I think that roughly 90 % of Twitter users will agree that the experience is notably bolstered if you are employing a client, rather than tweeting from Twitter’s site.

And if you have never tried a Twitter client before, either because the concept somehow didn’t gel with your, or because you are an absolute neophyte, now you will have a ready chance to break the ice. tDash is such a client, and it has the added advantage of being wholly web-based. You can try it on the fly, and if you don’t like it there is nothing to wipe out from your HD afterwards.

Even if you have never used such an application before, you can more or less imagine what it’s all about. tDash lets you send out tweets and direct messages in a breeze, whereas services such as the reduction of long URLs are fully provided. You can also share images in an effortless way.

So, the gamut of basic tweeting operations is fully covered. And tDash is a free tool, too – there are no fees of any kind to be paid for using it. If you think it can resonate with you, simply point your browser to the site and start tweeting away.

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More – A New Dashboard For Twitter

  • January 21, 2010

tDash.orgAren’t you satisfied with any of the Twitter clients that are currently available for free? If that is the case, you must have quite an exquisite palate. There are enough clients to go around for everybody.

Still, chances are that if you are yet to find the right client for you then the rapid succession at which they come will put you face to face with one soon. And maybe – just maybe – tDash can turn out to be the one you were waiting for.

It does all that you would expect one such application to do. It will let you read, reply and retweet messages in an entirely natural way. The interface is minimal, there is nothing to distract you and the whole application runs on your browser.

When it comes organizing these tweets you have received you can sort them by sender, and the inline conversations feature will let you put everything into the necessary context.

Besides, the tweeting out of images comes supported by default. So does the shortening of URLs.

On the whole, these are enough options to keep everybody satisfied. I particularly like the clean layout that the dashboard has, and how everything is accessible (even familiar) the first time around.

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