TBuzz.Arc90.com – Track The Online Buzz Via Twitter

  • May 20, 2009

TBuzz.Arc90.comTBuzz is a new service that will let you talk about any website in the most relevant way available today – Twitter. By adding the provided bookmarklet, you will be able to tweet the page in question at will.

Not only that, but TBuzz also enables you to keep track of what others are saying about that very same site. This way, you can learn all about the performance of products or the way that public opinion sways over time.

This service is not only free, but it is also very easy to get to grips with. All you have to do is install the provided bookmarklet by dragging and dropping it and you are ready to start sharing worthwhile sites a la micro-blogging.

When all is said and done, Twitter is set to go down in computer history as something that modified the way people connected and shared information. You might like it or not, but you can’t deny it has opened up a wide array of possibilities. This site offers up a new one that you are bound to enjoy if you already are part of the scene.

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