Taysti.com – Store And Share Recipes

  • July 1, 2011

Taysti.comTaysti can be defined as a social cookbook that basically enables people to store their favorite recipes online, and have them shared with absolutely everybody. Fiends, relatives who are located faraway, food lovers that the user has yet to know in person… recipes can be shared and reshared with all such individuals, in the easiest way of all. It is all a matter of creating an account and beginning to make connections. And since accounts can be created at no cost, there is hardly anything that would keep people from using the site.

Once anything has been shared, it can be rated and reviewed by others. These recipes that merit the most positive responses from users are all obviously highlighted. And recipes can actually be recommended to others just by clicking on the button that is provided to these effects. Besides, buttons for sharing recipes on Facebook and Twitter are provided. As a result, it can effectively be said that Taysti is one of the most comprehensive recipe-sharing services currently available on the Internet. And remember, the site is free to use and open to any person who wants to give it a try.

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