More – Share Your Taxi Ride

  • April 2, 2011

TaxiShareChicago.comOffering a carpooling service for taxis in the city of Chicago, this is a free application that users of Android devices can proceed to download straightaway. In true carpooling fashion, it will let them share their taxi rides with people who are going in their same direction, and split the fare.

The app is really easy to use – not that something like this could be overly-complicated, really. All the person has to do is to tell the app where he is going and when he is leaving for it to create a route that will be shown to other users of Taxi Share Chicago. Destinations are highlighted using a color code that makes it easy for people to know who are going their way. With that information in full sight, it is all a mere matter of tapping on the name of the relevant person, and sending him/her a message to arrange everything.

And a very nice feature is that the app can turn your mobile into a flashing color-coded signal that will let you recognize one another in the street.

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