More – A Better Way To Hail A Taxi

  • December 2, 2010

TaxiNow.caTaxi Now is a cool new iPhone app that makes it possible for just anybody to hail a taxi without having to lift a finger – all it takes is a simple tap. You see, using this application you will be allowed to see which taxis are close to your current position, and by tapping on them you will be able to draw their attention.

Plus, once the taxi has been hailed you will be capable of tracking how it changes direction towards the point you are at. This eliminates the need to worry about the taxi having acknowledged your call or not. You will be able to see it all through your eyes.

This interesting service is currently available to people who reside in Vancouver, but the US are going to be covered right up next. And support both for Australia and for European territories like the UK is likewise in the agenda. If you live in either place, it will just be a matter of waiting for some months.

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