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  • November 29, 2007

BuyTaxiAds.comSeattle Digital Signage, LLC has formed an agreement with Orange Cab Company to install LCD screens in the back seats of cabs. The network will air news, weather, sports, entertainment and local advertisements.

There are over 175 Orange Cab taxis driving around Seattle and surrounding areas but on average 90% of their passengers mainly travel downtown Seattle. This exclusive digital media network will provide a new avenue to reach and captivate more than 50,000 Seattle consumers each month, according to Mike Draghici, President of Seattle Digital Signage. Digital signage refers to customizable displays that can be changed on-the-fly to reflect differences in the viewing audience from location to location, morning to afternoon, etc. Seattle Digital Signage is rapidly-evolving in this industry and has other various high-traffic screen locations throughout downtown Seattle and surrounding areas featuring local businesses, weather and traffic reports, headline news, etc.

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