Tawkon.com – An App For Measuring Mobile Radiation

  • June 14, 2010

Tawkon.comTawkon is an application that users of mobile phones can employ to learn when they are in a low radiation talk zone. In case you have never heard about such a thing before, there are some (specific and sporadic) cases in which using a mobile is not exactly safe owing to the radiation level that is available where we are.

Technically speaking, then, what this application does is to monitor and analyze the dynamic specific absorption rates and the surrounding environmental conditions in order to let you know if you are either in a “Green” or a “Red” zone.

A nice touch is that the app can let you know about such a fact both before you call (“Prediction Mode”) and while you are talking (“Call Mode”). In both cases, the app will provide you suggestions for decreasing the radiation level.

Currently, this application is only available for those who use Blackberries. iPhone users can sign up an online petition for Apple to relent and let the app into the App Store (the iPhone app was ready long before the Blackberry app, but it was rejected by Apple).

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