Doggeek.com – Travel With Your Best Friend

  • May 14, 2008

Doggeek.comHave you ever postponed a trip because of your dog? Perhaps, you really want to travel but you don’t know what to do with your kitten while you are abroad. Doggeek.

com will help you find a solution for your pet. The company’s aim is to help exclusively Splat Productions’ members finding information to travel with their pets. At the web site you will see many different links, like: dog adoptions, dog boarding and resorts, dog day care, dog groomers, dog parks, dog sitters, dog spa, dog trainers, and much more. If you’ve lost you pet, there’s even a “lost pet locator” available on their site too. Moreover, there is a list with veterinarians, as well as dog photographs. Not only you can get insurance for travelling unforeseen events but also your pat can get one. Find where to get one also at their site. In addition, there is a link that contains several dog names for you to choose from. Doggeek.com

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