Tatoeba.org – Example Sentences Collected & Translated

  • June 24, 2010

Tatoeba.orgTatoeba is a language learning resource that collects together sample sentences, and then has them translated for you to learn useful expressions. This will come in handy should you be travelling abroad and the language that is spoken in the place you are headed to is one you are not really that well-acquainted with.

These sentences include “I am hungry”, “Where is the bathroom?” and “How much does this cost?”. That is, the kind of sentences which constitute the backbone of daily interactions in most cultures.

If reading the sentence was all there were to the site then it wouldn’t really be that helpful. It would be merely serviceable. Fortunately, the team behind it knew as much and they have added one interesting option: listening to the sentences read by a native speaker. Granted, only a (small) couple of the featured sentences have audio clips to go with them so far. But that is set to change over time, provided enough people become hooked and start making contributions of their own. After all, over 50 languages are already supported. There should something for everybody here.

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