TatMash.com – Try Tattoos In A Virtual Way

  • March 17, 2010

TatMash.comWould you like to get a tattoo or a fake tattoo, but you need to know how it would look on you first? On Tatmash.com you will be able to take a look at a wide selection of tattoo designs, and the site will let you use a photo software to know how an specific tattoo would look on you.

The services provided by Tatmash.com give you the chance to use a fake tattoo generator, and a tattoo simulator, to design the tattoo you want to get. With the fake tattoo simulator you can take a look at how the tattoo would look on you.

Additionally, Tatmash lets you check out tattoo designs according to different categories, and find out how tattoos would look on you and your friends. Therefore, if you are looking for a site where you can find out if you really want to get a tattoo done, feel free to stop by Tatmash.com.

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