TataTweet.com – Feed Multiple Twitter Accounts Into One

  • May 22, 2009

TataTweet.comGroup tweeting is not something widespread, if only because having different people using the same account invariably leads to confusing results. The password must be shared, and you never know exactly who sent what.

The only way around would be inserting your name at the end, and when it comes to a micro messaging platform that couple of characters can make a difference.

This new service takes care of all that. It is a premium service that lets a group of people employ the very same account, and when a person sends a tweet using it his or her name will be automatically appended to the message.

Will people pay for the privilege to do so? It is a bit hard to say. If we go by experience, it is a fact that people tend not to like paying for anything that has to do with Twitter. Premium tweet services have failed to strike a chord, and whereas this is a different entity I fear its appeal might be a little circumscribed for it to become widespread – even when the amount that has to be paid is negligible. But I congratulate and applaud the team responsible for it for bringing a new functionality into the picture.

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