Tatamee.com – Online Trading By Location

  • March 21, 2010

Tatamee.comTatamee is a service whereby users can post items for sale in any given geographical location, and buyers can find these items straightforwardly enough. That is, we can define it as an online trading platform with a marked emphasis on providing a geographically-relevant experience.

When looking up any item, you can choose to either circumscribe the search to the closest spot to where you are or anywhere in the world. You can do the latter for many reasons, and doing it because you have relatives somewhere that could help you as far as S & H is concerned springs easily to mind.

Placing an ad implies geolocating your position by situating a marker on the provided map, but note that you don’t have to place that marker on your house. You can merely place it somewhere that is representative of your surroundings, like a square or other public location. And once a transaction is finished you are given the chance to meet wherever you want should the sale-purchase necessitate you meet in person.

In addition to being free, this system works no matter in which part of the world you happen to be located. And items remain on sale until you sell them, or until you take them off the site.

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