TastyDuel.com – Compare And Rank Restaurants

  • April 12, 2011

TastyDuel.comTasty Duel offers a new way to rank and rate restaurants, and one that is surely certain to resonate with those who like to do things in a leisure way. You see, Tasty Duel resembles a game more than anything else. The site lets you have restaurants compared and contrasted one-to-one in what are nothing short of duels. In these duels, you are given the chance to show your support for one of two eateries, and make it clear why you think like you do by ranking the one of your choice.

And you will be rewarded for doing so, as those who participate by submitting their own rankings are eligible for special deals and promotions.

As a site, Tasty Duel is free and usable by all the people who are willing to sign in using their Facebook account. No need to sign up for an account of its own to begin using Tasty Duel. And since you are logging in using your Facebook credentials, you are also allowed to easily tell your friends on the popular networking site about your latest in-game activity.

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