TastyDays.com – Comprehensive Food Information

  • June 15, 2010

TastyDays.comThis is a site that will appeal both to people who love cooking and to the ones who would like to learn how to cook. The one word that sums it up is “Food”, and we could practically add any verb to that noun like “cook” or “find” and the site would still hold relevance.

Recipes are one of the many things that can be found and perused here, and so are places in which you can eat when you want to have a top night out. Besides, a vast collection of links directing you to food blogs ranging far and wide is provided. And it is always possible to learn more about celebrity chefs and authors who have written on the topic of food and cooking by checking out the section named “People”.

And what good is a site like this one without videos? We all know the answer, and so did the ones who put this site together. That is why they have included a whole section made up of cooking videos for you to hone your skills. And the section that goes by the name of “Cooking Shows” will play out an identical role.

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