Winespectator.com – All about wine

  • February 12, 2008

Winespectator.comWine Spectator is an on line a site where you will find all you will like to know about wine. On this web page you will get a lot of information about wine prices and their classification.

Before you can get access to most of this site content you will have to become a member, which you can easily do from this site and at a very low cost. Once you have become a member you can get take a look to all their stuff and access to rating and tasting comments. Other thing that you can as well find in this web page is the shop and you can also participate in the forums. A lot of special reports are too posted on this site and you can read all of them. Winespectator.com

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Tastoria.com – Viritual Wine World

  • November 7, 2007

Tastoria.comAre you a wine connoisseur who is looking for an open door to the wine tasting realm? If so, Tastoria.com might just be able to whet your whistle.

Tastoria.com is an online wine tasting site that has both online and offline activities! On their warm-vibed website, users can view live Virtual Wine Tasting Events, watch tasting clips on specific subjects, get tips on wine hot spots, see what the retailers are up to and check out the latest wine news. The dry land part of Tastoria features awesome Tasting Events that anyone can register for. Currently, there are events taking place in Massachusetts and California. However, if you can’t make it to the other coast in time for the party, you can view the live event and even chat with a panel of experts and other Tastoria guests. These virtual events are a cost-effective and innovative opportunities to enjoy wine with other enthusiasts all over the world.

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NoseWine.com – The Online Wine Club

  • March 27, 2007

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