FlavorConnect.com – Date People By Flavor

  • November 11, 2011

FlavorConnect.comWho says that you need a really wild and original idea for a site to be a big success? That’s something which helps a lot, but the execution is every bit as important. Sites that don’t do anything groundbreaking can still grab the attention of people, and keep them coming back for more. FlavorConnect.com certainly brings that to mind. On this brand-new dating site, you can “taste” your dating options. That is, as a registered user of Flavor Connect you can find your match by using a code that describes what you’re looking for in the other person. So, each type of hookup is flavor-coded.

There’s flavors for “Fidelity”, “Fancy”, “Friendship”, “Fling”, “Freestyle”, “Fantasy”… there’s a flavor for pretty much anything you could think of. By letting you make it clear what you’re looking for this directly, you’re ensured you’ll never be contacted by people looking for something totally different from what you want to get from a relationship.

Registration to Flavor Connect is free, and although the site is mainly meant to be used by young adults people of any age are allowed to create an account and start making connections.

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Hoppit.com – Discover Places You Will Like

  • September 22, 2011

Hoppit.comWeegoh. Scoville, Where… there’s no end to the number of apps and web services that let you find interesting places to visit, be it in a city you’re just getting acquainted with for the first time, or right in your neighborhood. Some might question whether we need yet even more or not, but the truth is that Hoppit brings some fresh ideas to the table, and it deserves an honest look at the very least.

Hoppit lets people find new places to visit based on their actual tastes. Users of Hoppit can define the kind of individuals they are by choosing the relevant options from a list which includes items such as “Foodie”, “History Buff”, “Thrill Seeker” and “Wine Expert”, and the application will use that information (along with their actual location) to recommend venues they’ll most likely find worth a try.

Hoppit uses a proprietary algorithm (the “MatchMe” algorithm) in order to determine which shops, hotels and restaurants it should recommend to whom, and it all ends up resembling a true system of genes for places.

Hoppit is based in New York City, and it’s meant to cover the best part of the US over what remains of 2011, and the first quarters of 2012.

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Brewfridge.com – Share The Taste Of Beers

  • June 7, 2011

Brewfridge.comHow useful you are going to find this site lies in direct proportion to how much you enjoy beer. If you take your lager seriously, then you will adore Brewfridge, as the site gives you the chance to keep track of all the beers you have ever tasted, and build your very own collection online for all to see and admire. We are talking about something that can be done for free in every case. And both a web interface and a mobile application are provided for letting you input your data from wherever you are, and for letting you input it the very same moment you have tasted the lager in question.

The latest beers to have been rated by the Brewfridge community are all highlighted on the homepage, too. If you are looking for new beers to try, then that will certainly keep you going for quite some time. And it will also be interesting for when you want to know what others think about these beers you have loved all your life.

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IDrankThis.com – Create & Keep Drinking Notes

  • September 7, 2010

IDrankThis.comA site which is powered by Twitter, I Drank This will let you create and keep notes detailing every drink that you have had the pleasure/misfortune of tasting. In this way, you can share your perceptions with the world, and also go over all the drinks that you have sampled in the past yourself This includes not only wine and cocktails but also all varieties of beer that you could think of.

Broadly speaking, the site works along the following lines. First, you take a picture of the drink that you are going to write about. Once you have done so, you simply send a tweet using #idrankthis where you describe the drink in question. You also attach the picture that you had taken in the previous step. Your tasting notes will then be published on the I Drank This website for all to see and heed.

And if you review anything and change your mind later on, then you will be able to edit your original text. That’s not a problem at all – simply login with your Twitter handle to be able to do it.

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It Is All About Wines – TheWineTwit.Blogspot.com

  • September 24, 2009

It Is All About WinesDo you like wine? If your answer is positive chances are you will feel attracted to this blog. Why? Because Wine Twit is a new blog, that gives you data about different kinds of wine with interesting posts that even those who already know much about wine will enjoy.

On this blog you are going to have the chance to find the right data to give wine a try and acquire a taste for it. If you want to know anything about any Cabernet Sauvignon, or any Merlot wine you just need to give this blog a visit and find an interesting assortment of useful data you will truly enjoy. It Is All About Wines

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She Tells You How It Tastes – Roboppy.net/Food

  • August 14, 2009

She Tells You How It TastesIf you want to learn more about food, I recommend you to take a look at this blog. There are many ways to get data about food, recipes and different matters related to the cooking world.

As you already know there are sites that give you special tips and recipes for you to be able to make the best dishes you have ever imagined. However, it is no really easy to find data about how it actually feels to eat them.

This blog has essentially displayed a clear illustration of everything you might want to know how it tastes no matter if you are thinking about tasty pizzas, Asian food, or homemade scones and gelato. For more information give this site a visit at Roboppy.net/food She Tells You How It Tastes

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TasteStL.com – Food And Culture

  • July 23, 2008

TasteStL.comTasteStL.com is the official website of the Taste of Saint Louis, a first class event that allows Saint Louis residents, as well as visitors, discover what is great about Saint Louis food, music, and culture.

It is an annual event and the admission is free. This and much more information can be found on the said website. It is a great opportunity for you to get familiar with the city’s traditions. On the site you will be informed about everything you will be able to do, and eat, in this particular event. On the top side of the home page you will find some interesting links that will let you know more about the happening. You will be able to check out the event map and rules; there you will find dates and times, the event location and directions, admission info, and, as the section title points out, the rules. On the left-hand side of the main page you will find more links. Visit TasteStL.com for more info. TasteStL.com

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Tastings.com – Like What You Drink And…

  • July 6, 2008

Tastings.com“Drink What You Like” –that’s the end of the tagline, and it belongs to the US Beverage Testing Institute whose homepage users can visit at Tastings.com.

In it you’ll discover a wealth of wine, beer and spirits reviews and tasting guides written in a tone that will make is easy for the most sophisticated chef and the most laidback wine lover to easily understand what to drink and not. There’s lots of interesting and useful resources to match the reviews, like the wine dictionary or the international index of producers where rankings of winemakers from around the world can be read. I found the food and wine matching guide to be of interest, as it allows users to find an appropriate wine by answering a simple three-step form where they indicate what the meal consists of. I was especially keen on the bit about beer, as it provides some interesting tips to bear in mind when shopping at your local spirits store, like packaging elements to watch out for or usual problems you might encounter in a poorly-conserved beer. The spirits area will also make a great read for anyone interested in knowing something about cocktails and the story of spirits, and also how to make some really good martinis. Tastings.com

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ChefPaul.com – Meet The Chef

  • July 3, 2008

ChefPaul.comHe learnt to appreciate herbs and vegetables right from the garden, because in the country he hadn’t nor electricity neither refrigeration. He is one of the Louisiana county’s best-known chefs, featuring several appearances on national TV.

We are talking about Chef Paul Prudhomme, and you are about to enter his official website. Here you will find all about him and his delightful cuisine art. If you like to spend a lot of time in your house’s kitchen, you’ll find this site very interesting and useful, since it provides visitors with many online features. Put the best recipes and video tips from Chef Paul into practice, and also access useful links to good food through Chefpaul.com. If you don’t know this gastronomic character, here you will find his detailed biography, from which you can learn the way to success through healthy food. If you like what Chef Paul has to offer, you can shop his online catalog and fins just the products and ingredients you need to make your food the best it can be. ChefPaul.com

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Cheesesupply.com – All Kinds Of Cheese

  • June 25, 2008

Cheesesupply.comCheesesupply.com is your online portal to the tasty world of cheeses.

This online store is a great provider of a large variety of cheeses, which you can check within the different sections and buy online. At this site you will find over 700 cheeses to choose from. Besides, the store provides customers with many other accessories and complementary cheese stuff, such as cheese kits, knives, boards, fondue pots, melters, and much more. On the other hand, if you are not a cheese buyer, but like to prepare your own artisan cheese, here you can also find cheese making supplies, cheese accessories, and even special recipes. At the homepage you will find the most popular items on the cheese market, featuring pictures and prices. Click any item’s picture to see the cheese’s full description, as well as its flavor features. On the left hand side of your screen you can access the different cheese categories, such as summer cheeses, restaurant kits, cheese by region, cheese by type, and more. Cheesesupply.com

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Homemadegourmet.com – Create Great Tasting

  • June 9, 2008

Homemadegourmet.comThis is the site that will help you create great tasting for your home cooked food, and fast. Homemadegourmet.

com is an online community that believes family time at the table has more power than any government funded program or any million dollar initiative. Those precious few minutes of conversation around the table can lead to better choices and decisions made by children when they are away from the home. This is the one and only commitment of this page: to provide you with the adequate tools to prepare great food and allow you to cook dinner with your children. The site provides users with many online services, from grocery lists to menus for a week. There are recipes and cookbooks available, which will teach you how to optimize your time. The site even guarantees it can show you how to do 4 recipes in 4 minutes… Can’t believe it? Well, enter and take a look at the Recipes section. The community also has an online store, and a newsletter you can subscribe. Homemadegourmet.com

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PounceTreats.com – Treat Your Cat To The New Taste

  • June 9, 2008

PounceTreats.comPounceTreats.com is the site of Pounce, which reveals the new cat treats, that have great taste and your cat will find irresistible; each treat is packed with flavor-feline favorites, such as chicken and turkey, tuna, seafood, and salmon.

You can choose within this snack treats the texture, from the moist treats they can sink their teeth into, to crunchy little bites that help scrape away tartar build-up and plaque. You will be able to find other sections with cat profiles, where you will find many other cats, and you can look into their favorites and how it has done them some good. The Cat Care Center section is where you will find preventive care information, kitten care, senior care and grooming information, where you will be able to give your cat a complete check-up with the information and steps given. You can give yourself a treat, as with every purchase you collect points that can be redeemed for great rewards and prizes. PounceTreats.com

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Joseole.com – Taste The Fiesta

  • June 6, 2008

Joseole.comThis site is where the party starts. Sorry, where the fiesta starts, I should have said.

José Olé invites you to taste the fiesta by giving you the best Mexican food. America’s favorite brand of frozen Mexican food, José Olé was developed to make it easy to enjoy the delicious taste of high-quality Mexican favorites, at home or on the go. It’s really a flavor fiesta, because José’s products are confectioned using only the highest-quality ingredients, like tender cuts of meat with real cheese, fresh, oven-baked tortillas, and authentic seasonings and spices. Its wide range of products lets you create a variety of snacks and meals to satisfy your craving for great-tasting Mexican food anytime. The brand is owned by Windsor Foods, a leading frozen food company headquartered in Houston, Texas. Access the whole list of products, as well as special features like recipes, offers, and information about events at Joseole.com. Joseole.com

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Johnsonville.com – Taste These Now

  • June 4, 2008

Johnsonville.comAre you willing to make your next meal special? Have you already thought what you and your family will eat the next meal? Johnsonville.com is one of the best options you can choose.

You just have to visit this site and you will immediately understand everything. In this site you will be able to see the products that Johnsonville offers their clients. You can have a look at the variety of “brats” they offer (that include original bratwurst, hot and spicy bratwurst and Johnsonville grilling chorizo among others), the Italian sausages, the breakfast sausage and smoked sausage. You will be also able to read the recipes this site recommends or nutrition information for you to get informed. Furthermore, you are also able to buy any of johnsonville.com’s products online if that’s what you want or get in contact with johnsonville.com and make any comments or clear any doubts you might have. Visit johnsonville.com and buy your next meal now! Johnsonville.com

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Thompsoncigarauctions.com – Best Quality Cigars

  • May 26, 2008

Thompsoncigarauctions.comWould you like to buy quality cigars online? If that is so, Thompson Cigar Auctions could be a good site to visit. The services provided by this site give you the chance to buy all kinds of products, including pipe tobacco and cigars humidifiers online.

Thompsoncigarauctions.com is visited by those who are looking for good products when it comes to pipe tobacco and Arturo Fuentes cigars. You should visit this site soon to have access to well known cigar brands online. This site offers you a variety of quality cigars, ranging from Ashton Magnum to Poderozo Connecticut by Filipe Gregorio.

Thompsoncigarauctions.com provides you with different options when it comes to buying pipe tobaccos, including brands like Red Cup and Good Days. This website can provide you a variety of quality cigars that you can buy online. Then, if you want to buy Arturo Fuente cigars, Thompsoncigarauctions.com could be a good site to visit. Thompsoncigarauctions.com

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OwlMusicSearch.com – Find Music through Music

  • March 1, 2008

OwlMusicSearch.comThe problem with Last.fm’s ‘Similar Artists’ feature is that they are hardly ever similar to the artist you wanted to hear in the first time, in so as much as it frequently is the case that you may like artists that play very different genres and styles.

Thus is why the launch of OwlMusicSearch.com is just a reason for celebration: this site allows you to search music using music. Let me explain myself a bit better: in the first place you need to register as a user in the site, and after that’s done, you use the site to choose one song in mp3 format from your music folder, use the media editing tool to select the part of the song you prefer, and then let the Music Owl find tunes that are similar to the part of the song you are in the mood to hear. You can preview –prehear, really— the songs and if that is what you were looking for, you go ahead and purchase it from the site, as you do from iTunes and similar sites.

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ITOG.com – Social Network Built on Opinion

  • February 27, 2008

ITOG.comITOG or Is That One Good, is a new social network in which connections are formed on the basis of opinion. So you have to start out by rating a tog which is anything that can be rated.

From there, ITOG will recommend other items for you to rate—movies, books, celebrities, food, restaurants, etc. Based on your ratings, you’ll be able to discover fellow toggers with similar tastes and interests. You can make lists of things you like, discuss topics, contribute reviews, participate in polls and join groups. Additionally, as with the majority of social networks out there, you’ll find picture galleries, profiles and comments. Registration is required, although you can rate and browse the site without signing up.

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OpenBottles.com – A Community of Wine and Friends

  • February 27, 2008

OpenBottles.comOpenBottles.com is a social network for wine lovers.

Just like any other social network each user creates a profile where they talk about themselves, list general information about themselves, and most importantly their love of wine. A user profile shows you have many reviews they have made, their wine wishlist, buddies, and favorites. Once a user has an account they can add friends and start rating vineyards and wines. The homepage features new vineyard and wine reviews along with a list of active members . OpenBottles.com has many useful tools for its members such as a wine glossary, discussion board and tasting tools. If you are interested in learning more about wine or if you know everything there is to know about wine and want to give some advice OpenBottles.com is a great social network for you. Go to OpenBottles.com before you begin opening bottles.

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Photoree.com – A Photo Recommendation Service

  • February 11, 2008

Photoree.comThe dilemma of choice. At times there are so many things to choose from, that you just don’t’ quite know where to start.

Photoree is here to aid, at least in the photo department. It’s an advanced recommendation system for photographs. Photoree studies and adapts to your preferences, giving you the photos that best match your taste. Here’s a quick run down of how it works: registering is the obvious first step; from there Photoree will create your very own personal filter—you’re shown a stream of photos which require your rating; of course the more you rate, the better the algorithm will perform when searching for your particular type of photograph. All rated photos are included into your favorites gallery; most are licensed under Creative Commons, so you can use the images on your blog or website, or simply browse through them for fun. Once you’ve rated enough images, you’ll be offered stats, comparing your tastes with those of others. Those with similar prefs can be added to your contact list and then keep track of the photos they add.

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MyTrybe.com – Social Networking Through Tastes

  • February 4, 2008

MyTrybe.comMyTrybe is a social network specializing in interests. It’s designed especially with idea of matching similarly interested minds.

To achieve this, attention is focused on things—objects and ideas that can be classified as either style, arts and entertainment, humor, news or books. Friendships are facilitated by concurring tastes and values as defined by how members rate items. Each item that a person lists as a like can be rated using a sliding scale, by other members. MyTrybe then learns what you like and connects you with others sharing the same tastes. Thus, users are recommended not just things but also people, effectively building a tight knit tribe conversant in the same topics. MyTrybe has an initial question and answer set for each new member; this helps to narrow in on particular preferences and values. Items can be pulled in from anywhere on the web.

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