Taskker.com – Sharing Your Tasks With The World

  • June 16, 2010

Taskker.comTaskker is an add-in for Outlook that will turn it into a platform for collaboration. By procuring and installing the add-in, Outlook can start being used as a tool to share tasks with others, and offer any person who can take care of them a monetary retribution.

The tasks that are created through such a system are detailed in 250 characters, and you (as the one who creates them) specify the time and date they are meant to be started and finished along with the location and how much you are willing to pay. (Many different currencies such as euros and dollars are already supported).

The task is then published, and you can choose the degree of visibility it will have – you can either mark it as “Public” (thus making it visible to just anybody), or you can make it reach a specific person only by individualizing him or her.

The add-in can be downloaded at no cost, and installing it is really easy. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes, after which you will be ready to start tackling any task that has to be dealt with in a way that is more flexible and convenient for everybody.

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