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  • April 24, 2009

gStepOne.comWho answered all our questions before Google? In many cases, probably no one. In fact, in less than 10 years Google raised us up a notch as a species.

Each one of us has his own memory, and we now have our collective Google memory. And every day we combine both our knowledge and our ability to do things: buy or sell items, deliver a service, conduct an event, assess risks, create our family tree, find a job… So can we go up any more notches? Can this fabulous amount of information become more intelligent and helpful?

Look at the figures: Google search algorithms are so useful because they index and retrieve what we need from 9 billion-plus web pages of information text, images, news, video, maps, blogs and more. We get the who, when, where, why, what or how of the subject we need within seconds.

But what if rather than simply receiving a list of passive information, we also received an interactive, Google-generated wizard with each step linked to the appropriate web information, videos and tools providing us guidance and all about how to do things.

This function has now become available through gStepOne. gStepOne is a Google wizard writer. It is the first step in Google’s transition from world information service to Worldwide Wizard, from collective memory to virtual helper.

How does it work? Simply draw a map of the steps in a task by dragging and dropping shapes onto the page. Link the steps and give each one a name. gStepOne googles the web for supporting “How to” information and training for each step, and then generates the wizard.

With gStepOne, you can share your expertise with the world, or with your group, and it’s free. Use it to write any kind of wizard: for business, for clubs, for community organizations, or just for fun. Wizards to help deliver a service, buy or sell a home, conduct an event, adopt a child, take out insurance, apply for a grant – any task where people need to do things like an expert, without the expert being there.

It can’t be denied that this is a very interesting concept indeed. If you want to make your contribution, simply open an account and start adding your expertise to the sum of human knowledge by following the link displayed below.

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