Taschen.com – Publisher of Art Books and Prints

  • March 13, 2008

Taschen.comYou’d probably expect me to explain out what Taschen is, but if you like visual arts (photography, painting, sculpture, printing, cinema), you surely know about this German publisher, if not own one –or several– of his lavishly designed and illustrated art books. Taschen.

com is the home for this delightful collection of objects, which you can browse by category or theme to discover the highlights of the Pop Culture, Sex, Icons, Art, Architecture, Travel, Film and other categories. A bit I enjoyed about this site is the way in which this site presents the highlights for its books: several snapshots of the inside, plus a lengthy introduction when it’s a classic or reference book, or just a couple of lines for breakthroughs, plus information on the curators and editors of the books, so you can familiarize with the people who make the selection of work you are liking so much, and follow their paths as well. An important stress of the site is put in encouraging visitors to browse around, as each time you are looking at one specific book, you get similar recommended reads, plus eCards for some titles, so you can spread the word. Some of the books can be bought from the site, but there are links to get them from Amazon on other occasions. Taschen.com

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