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SpellSpace.com – Tarot Readings

  • May 15, 2008

SpellSpace.comA refreshing new tarot site that offers live and amazingly authentic tarot readings that have been linked to relevant spell recommendations, completely free, and no membership is required. Save, view trends, make notes and share readings with friends.

This a completely different social divination experience. SpellSpace was developed with intent to offer a real live and authentic tarot reading, and elegant recommended spells. The only site on the Web that offers relevant spells based on a personal tarot reading. The spells are designed to enhance life. Much research was done into the development of these Spells, they use known and authentic ingredients, elements and spirits, which have been used from ancient Egypt, to Pagan, Jewish and other traditions.

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Aeclectic.net – All About Tarot Cards

  • March 12, 2008

Aeclectic.netAeclectic.net is your online source for all kind of information about tarot.

The web site will provide all tarot followers with interesting and useful information. At Aeclectic.net you will be able to learn about the different meanings of the tarot cards; no matter if you are a beginner or an expert, there’s always something to learn. Moreover, the page offers lots of diverse tarot cards images. The web site also counts with an interactive forum where users can exchange ideas, tips and recommendations about the different applications of the tarot cards world. Users will also find an interesting live tarot readings from different tarot readers sepcialized in specific areas of life such as love or economy. Furthermore, for users interested in purchasing tarot books, here they will find the best tarot book’s ratings and reviews in order to help them get only the best ones. There’s also advice on the best tarot softwares to download. This is the perfect site for tarot lovers. Aeclectic.net

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