More – Focusing On Social Media

  • July 29, 2008

PodTech.netWith today’s fragmented media and marketing landscape, audiences are spending more time reading vertical-interest blogs, interacting on Facebook, attending live and virtual events, posting their photos on Flickr, and sharing their favorite online videos. Everyone is discovering and listening to each other across all types of platforms and media.

The questions PodTech ask you are: Are you listening? Are you involved? Social media is more than just a buzzword: it’s a set of tools that allows marketers to participate in the flow of ideas and conversations that are taking place online. Because social media is interactive, it’s about more than just creating great content; it’s also about listening to what people are saying, and sometimes what they aren’t saying. This is the strong advice of a company that works with brands to achieve successful marketing engagement and strategically integrating social media to build better relationships, gain more influence with customers, and learn more about targets. PodTech is about creating video and audio series, accessing communities with online video shows, and planning across social media platform to an only objective: engage your audience.

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More – For All Your Archery Supplies

  • March 31, 2008

Obsessionarchery.comGone are the days of Robin Hood and the need to go out and hunt for tonight’s meal with a bow and some well sharpened hunting arrows. We all know the history behind archery and how it developed from a necessary skill into a fun recreational and Olympic sport.

If you enjoy the sport or would like to find out more about exactly what you need to get started, has everything you will need. From beginners kits to top end equipment for all archers out there. You can browse the extensive product range form all the top equipment producers, add them to your shopping basket, pay on line and have your new products delivered direct to your door. The site offers you different kinds of bows, arrows, cables, guards, sights and scopes, quivers and stabilizers to help you get ready to start. Everything you need is here at your one stop archery shop.

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