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  • September 26, 2007

Delivery.netAcxiom Digital helps marketers create and deliver permission-based e-mail marketing campaigns. It acts as an agent for their clients in delivering e-mail communications to their customers.

Acxiom clients own the data on their customers, including e-mail addresses, which are gathered via permission-based processes at their website or other online and offline sources. This company only works with entrepreneurs that adhere to appropriate consumer privacy guidelines. They also offer integrated digital solutions by combining agency services with world-class campaign execution on a proprietary technology platform to deliver superior marketing results for clients. This helps account and client teams in designing, sending and analyzing direct marketing communications. Action Digital creates and executes campaigns across multiple media channels including personalized e-mail, targeted websites, banner and other web advertisements, search engines, and direct mail (print). Some of their innovative solutions are: Customer Data Integration (CDI) technology, data, database services, IT outsourcing, consulting and analytics, and privacy leadership. If you are a marketer, Acxiom enables you to communicate with your customers as one brand, one targeted message, across all key customer touch points. This integrated, targeted approach creates relevance and clarity over your offering, your brand, and directly addresses the heightened needs found in your prospects and customers. They offer integrated services in 5 key areas: E-mail Marketing, Website Personalization, Customer Acquisition, Search Engine Marketing, and Agency Services. Besides, they’re able to provide you with the right technology to give you the opportunity to treat all customers as individuals, even if you have millions. Some of their power tools are: IMPACT Platform (for sending the most relevant one-to-one communications), Transactional E-mail (an easy way to cross- and up-sell your customers, based on their preferences), Website Personalization (website personalization approach and hosted technology), Freebuilder (to manage the building and submitting of data for search indexes so you can get superior results), Search Tools (to maximize your search marketing results), Field Marketing Consolidator (to manage your marketing campaigns with ease and wherever you are), Deliverability 1st (to ensure your e-mails make it to the recipient’s inbox), and GoodMail Certified E-mail (a system that helps you delivering your e-mail including images and links to AOL and Yahoo! recipients). In this site there’re also many more options available such as search tools, a blog, a site map, and press link.

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