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  • February 2, 2010

AskYourTargetMarket.comAskYourTargetMarket is a new web-based tool that lets the user create his own market research surveys in minutes. That is nothing new, as there are many sites that provide more or less that very same service.

The difference stems from the way it is all implemented, as a consumer panel is integrated for the survey to be carried out, and this panel can be customized at will to take after your own brand as much as you want.

Surveys can be sent to your target market without a contract or even a phone call, and you can select the precise demographic segment of the AYTM consumer panels whose opinions you seek. The results are provided on a real-time basis, and charts take shape along with graphs as people are submitting their results. If you managed to pitch the survey at the correct target to begin with, then collecting results and analyzing them can be done in literally no time at all.

Surveys are actually limited to only 5 questions, and there is a limit of characters for each entry. That has been done for a good reason, namely keeping readers engaged. It is no good getting the survey in front of them if they grow bored by a labyrinthine question after just two minutes. That goes into showing the care that has been taken into the actual execution, and if you want to learn more about this system (along with the fees that have to be paid) you can click on the link displayed below for further information.

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