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What Startups Can Learn From Facebook’s New App, Paper

  • May 20, 2014

Today, we build products in hopes that we will reach one billion users and that they will remain engaged and inspired to keep coming back for more. Winning your customer’s engagement while staying true to your company’s vision is no easy task. It means making difficult decisions around new product launches…


Setting Up Your First Business Conference

  • November 8, 2013

Setting up a business conference is daunting, even for the most experienced professionals. So if it’s your first, it’s natural to feel a bit apprehensive. Holding an event for your industry sector is a great opportunity to form new relationships with customers and contemporaries, but it is important…

More – Quality Online Advertising Partner

  • May 15, 2008

Jellycloud.comJellycloud specializes in the field of online advertising. It consists of a group of investors who came together to create an ad network that will help you to maximize the growth of your business or your brand.

They will help you to identify your online customers, target them, and get them involved. Through the use of sophisticated software technology and tools, they will help you target the precise audience you are interested in. They hold a leading position in the area of market research owing to their vast experience and a highly qualified team. They offer a range of formats, including HTML, Animation, Audio, 3rd Party Serving, for all kinds of industries so that your ads not only function correctly at the time of viewing, but are also engaging, interesting and relevant to the targeted audience. Besides this, they also conduct reports on such subjects as analyzing competing brands. Jellycloud is a reliable online advertising partner for advertisers and publishers alike.

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More – The Voice Of The American Consumer

  • May 3, 2008

Smrb.comSimmons Market Research is a part of the Experian network of consumer research companies, and by visiting their site, users will be able to explore a full catalogue of the company’s products and services, their focus groups, and even read about the proprietary methodology they use to conduct their researches. It was really nice to find detailed case studies to read on the site, as this is probably the best way to identify the kinds of services any marketing company offers, and since their clients are very diverse, so are their needs, so make sure you visit different sections (automotive, media, healthcare) to find distinctively specific approaches for each of those segments.

Interestingly, you can preview information on special target audiences and populations based on ethnic or gender identification, so if your product is marketed for a highly specialized group, you can rest assured that these people can handle it. also presents industry news and reports, so it is a good place to search for some insightful pieces to read or build your marketing report.

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More – Do Business, Amigo

  • February 19, 2008

HispanicBusiness.comHispanicBusiness is a print magazine covering the US business market, especially that run by Hispanics, or that might be interesting for that target audience. At this site, users will be able to find the digital edition of this publication, where the usual share of news, market research, employment services, events calendar they are used to getting from the print edition is served, plus forums and discussion boards.

The site is directly written in English, which has the side advantage of no translation problems, though it seems a bit paradoxical, but understandable: that’s probably the way to gain the attention of non-Hispanic entrepreneurs and investors, however now that they’ve launched a digital version they could consider having a Spanish version of the magazine. is divided into several business segments, like general economic and politics news, very useful articles on entrepreneurship and growing Small Business, tech news and links to Hispanic jobs listings. Like other prestigious business publications, HispanicBusiness regularly hosts several events to choose the Man and Woman of the Year, alongside with a ranking of the largest and/or more successful Hispanic-owned companies; click into the ‘Events’ section to learn more about these awards.

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More – Hispanic Marketing Solutions

  • January 29, 2008

Consortemedia.comConsortemedia is a marketing company that specializes in providing companies that are interested in securing the online Hispanic audience with ways to make that happen, in two main larger areas, which are brand positioning and direct marketing strategies. The company provides its customers with a long list of top latin and Hispanic sites and blogs in several categories where the customer’s brand, service or product will be marketed to a clearly recognizable audience.

The site is also the portal for site owners or managers to submit their page to be a part of the ad network, which they can do by filling in a short form where they have to detail the site’s traffic, the origin of that traffic and the size of the advertisements they are willing to host, and afterwards the Consorte Media team gets in touch with them to confirm or reject the site as a part of the ad network. All brands can customize their campaigns, and decide where they want to get top exposure.

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More – Hispanic news agency

  • December 12, 2007

Hispanicprwire.comAs part of a broader news and press service reaching latino community mainly in the US, prides in its market savvy that allows it to reach a highly targeted audience of latino-communities and opinion leaders both in the US and Latin America, regardless of age, education level or income.

The company is Miami-based and offers mainly press-related services and internet marketing resources, which are customized to fit each customer’s marketing or advertising needs. The site is divided into several content channels, offering specific treatment of topics, like lifestyle, government issues, sports, immigration and travel and tourism, to which there is a regular affluence of target-specific audience. The site also offers a comprehensive list of links to Spanish language resources and most influential latino sites, plus translations, media training and career opportunities for journalists and other press and internet-related jobs.

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More – Sample and survey solutions

  • December 12, 2007 is an online firm providing solutions for online or offline companies that conduct their marketing strategies solely or partly by giving away samples or conducting consumer-surveys.

What does is basically assigning a product manager to each new customer in order to help it explore the most successful way of generating market response, whether that means purchase, writing reviews or generating third-party referrals. Services are customized in order to reach any potential niche each customer wants to target: age, ethnicity, educational level, income, etc. Plus the company prides in taking into account each customers budget needs, so it asks customers to indicate how much they are willing to pay for their marketing solution services, however the price may get rejected and reset by the company.

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More – Revolutionary advertising solutions

  • December 8, 2007 is an email publication service with 62 million subscribers and more than 900 publications, delivering self-selected content to users worldwide.

But on top of this, the company explores diverse ways to reach targeted audiences, one of which is a music video portal not unlike YouTube that presents video commercials before presenting the content users are looking for, thus ensuring that content is viewed by prospective consumers; the company offers other services as well, such as custom background pay-per-click services, a vast network of specific-interests sites where to promote your brand or company, lead generator and a video site exchange network similar to banner-exchange networks, only limited to videos, thus ensuring specific traffic. This last video-exchange system is free to all registered users, however the other services are tailor-made, and effectively proved, so you have to pay for them.

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