Targ8.com – Another Way To Search The Web

  • May 13, 2010

Targ8.comTo most people, executing a Google search is more than enough when looking up information online. And you can count me in.

But the fact remains that there are many other search engines available that can complement Google’s results in some ways. Yet, Google has an edge over these when it comes to looking up certain data or media. A perfect solution should somehow combine all the big players in the search market. And that is precisely what Targ8 does – it lets you carry out consolidated searches, and see what Google, Bing and Yahoo have to say when it comes to any specific issue.

The way it all is implemented, the site will let you nominate a search engine for each actual category. This means that you will effectively be able to come up with a dream combination once you have individualized the one engine that works best for you when it comes to particular content such as music or images. And the fact that you can specify your country is also a nice touch.

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