TapMetrics.com – Managing iPhone Apps

  • September 10, 2009

TapMetrics.comA platform that is solely going to appeal to the ones developing iPhone apps, TapMetrics enables these individuals to keep track of sales, analytics and crash reports through a supple interface.

The analytics are provided in real time, and trends can be studied closely this way.

That is, you can keep an eye on the current demand and see if there is a niche your forthcoming application can slide snugly into.

If you would like to give TapMetrics a try, the current beta release allows you to do that at no cost. This free plan makes for testing up to 3 apps and having full access to analytics and the evolution of sales.

As you can see, this is a straightforward yet very useful service. There is just no end to the number of iPhone apps that see release – I am certain all the people who have ever felt like embarking on the journey of releasing one of their own yet cowered due to how daunting it turned out to be will love TapMetrics.

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