Hidetanning.net – Taxidermy And Tanning Articles

  • June 30, 2008

Hidetanning.netTanning is the traditional skill of being able to convert apiece of animal skin in to leather to prevent it from decomposing. This process permanently alters the skins protein structure through the use of chemicals and is an integral part of the taxidermy process.

Taxidermy is the process of mounting or reproducing animals for display or study purposes. If you are interested in the process of tanning or taxidermy then you might like to check out a web site that can be found at the web address of www.taxidermy.net This web site is well designed and contains a wide range of useful information and articles related to both arts. There are detailed articles for the best practices and processes that should be used for mounting specific animals such as deer and lynx, information on how to stop rot occurring and much more. Everything here has been added my some of the most experienced taxidermists in the business. Hidetanning.net

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Versaspasystem.com – Versa Spa System Official Website

  • October 28, 2007

VersaSpa is a provider of sunless tanning equipment and systems for spas and beauty salons. And on this site (www.versaspa.com) you can check the company’s full line of products, and their specifications. Basically, VersaSpa manufactures a series of sunless booths that can provide many different body treatments. In addition to a good couple of bronzing treatments, these include a pre-sunless treatment that can balance your pH, and a hydrating treatment that ensures your body will keep its bronze glow for a long time afterwards.

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