BudTrap.com – Solve Earbud Tangle Issues

  • October 1, 2008

BudTrap.comBudTrap is the first product to come from the Australia-based company that goes by the same name. This solution caters for a very specific need, namely making life easier for earbuds users.

Basically, the company offers a system for securing earbuds that in time will work with the vast majority of models that can be found on the contemporary market. The company claims that the cable-unraveling process that previously could take up to 15 seconds now is dealt with in an instant and hassle-free manner. An image paints a thousand words, and the site includes a video that can be watched online which provides a good understanding of the product and its features.

If you want to check BudTrap out, you can do so by joining the existing fan page and requesting one. You can also choose your color from the many that are available. It must be pointed out that the existing beta is only for iPod Nano Gen 3. More versions are on the way.

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