Hoseanna.com – Buy Women Essentials

  • November 7, 2011

Hoseanna.comHoseanna is a subscription service that lets women buy staple items such as deodorants, pantyhose and tampons, and have them delivered at the frequency they want. The goal of this new service is to let women ensure they never run out of must-haves. I’m sure you can tell a story or two of such a thing happening late a night, when you were about to head down to some long-awaited event. You figured out you had no pantyhose or tampons to use, right when finding a nearby place to buy them was impossible. Well, Hoseanna.com is going to prevent that stressful situation from happening ever again.

You simply pick these items that are essential to you, and they will be delivered straight to your doorstep. You will be able set down the delivery schedule that would work out best for you. And if you just want to check how quick the service is, you can simply order a one-off shipment to test everything out. In any case, orders over $30 ship for free.

Hoseanna reminds me of Birchbox, a company that also provides a subscription service for women. Yet, what Birchbox can provide is samples of deluxe beauty products, not day-to-day essentials. Hoseanna is targeting an entirely different audience, and it’s clearly a service that’s meant to play a far more practical role.

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OBtampons.com – Feminine Hygiene Products

  • June 3, 2008

OBtampons.comThough certainly not a consensual point of view in women studies departments, Simone de Beauvoir and Germaine Greer have done a lot for the liberation of women, but hardly as much for their general comfort as tampons have. Visit this site to find a complete product list, adequate and concise information for girls and women on periods and menstruation, a very extensive FAQ area to find answers to common doubts related to hygiene and feminine health, and also tips to reduce PMS discomfort and lead a regular life during the period.

A sample giveaway program is being held, and in that area of the site users will be able to read interesting lifestyle tips in a variety of areas of interest, from sustainable energy consumption to advice to lead a greener life, plus you can learn what the impact on the environment of OB versus other tampon and feminine hygiene product brands are. OBtampons.com

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Mightysmall.com – o.b. Tampons

  • February 18, 2008

Mightysmall.comAre you the kind of woman that hates going through those complicated days of the month? Do you live four or five days of hell? Are you always afraid that your tampon won’t work properly? All girls go through the same ordeal and o.b.

understands them. When you visit the Mighty Small web page you will learn a lot of interesting information that o.b. has posted on the net so every woman can get informed. Some of data this site provide you are teaching lesson on who to place a tampon, how the o.b. tampons are composed and more information about the female cycle. On this web page you can also read about cute and funny stories that will teach you why small is some times big. Mightysmall.com

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Tampax.com – Tampax Tampons

  • January 23, 2008

Tampax.comRunning a company that sells products for women probably isn’t easy, especially when it comes to designing a corporate image that is not demeaning or stereotypical, but Tampax has actually managed to do it, although maybe too boldly (the site is designed in sky-blue…). It presents information in a clear but serious way, with a happily absolute lack of euphemisms or ‘pat-in-the-back’ expressions like “well, it happens to all of us”, and the like, so Tampax.

com should be applauded for that. The site includes a very thorough area dedicated to providing medical advice and information on how to choose a doctor, what is considered adequate and what pathologic in terms of menstruation, and in general, its treatment of several issues gives priority to the role of woman as a decision-maker, and a key figure to her own well-being. Tampax, together with Always, have been enforcing an aid campaign that helps women in sub-Saharan Africa continue their lives regularly during their periods by providing them with pads, tampons and funds, in order to minimize absence from school for sanitary reasons. Younger audiences will find a special community for teenagers on a partner site called Beinggirl.com, which partially belongs to Tampax, and partially belongs to Always. Tampax.com

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Always.com – Have a happy period

  • December 8, 2007

Always.comAlways.com is homepage for Always®, an international corporation belonging to Procter and Gamble who sells all sorts of feminine-hygiene products, especially pads and tampons.

The brand –especially in the US— markets itself as teen-specific product, so it is no wonder that the site portrays that image as well. In the site you will find a product list, adequate and concise information for girls on periods and menstruation, orientation resources for moms on how to explain these biological processes to young girls, general health and hygiene information and facts, tips to reduce PMS discomfort and the like. The site is very neatly designed and the content is easy to access and understand, plus there is a special community for girls on a partner site called beinggirl.com. Always.com

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