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More – The Products Everyone Talks About

  • January 18, 2010

ThingBuzz.comThing Buzz defines itself as the place in which you can learn all about these products that are talked about the most online. That is, these products that most people have “buzzed” are highlighted on the site through real-time search and crowdsourcing.

The main point of reference that is employed for this analysis is Twitter, as the results are produced based on the number of unique tweets that any trending product has received along with the credibility of the one who tweeted out. Products are submitted by tweeting them out, and in each product’s page you have a button that can be employed for retweeting it.

The way you can browse the database of popular products is very well-devised, since you can have a look both at these products that have become recently popular as well as looking at popular products by age group and profession. The latter is certainly useful, and a real timesaver in itself. After all, a site such as this one is meant to be immediate, and if you were to take such navigation options away it would lose a great deal of usability.

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