More – Make Phone Calls Over WiFi

  • May 11, 2011

Talkatone.comLooking for a sure way to shrink your phone bills? Well, those of you who have either an iPhone or an iPad will be able to do it quite effortlessly thanks to Talkatone.

Simply put, what Talkatone does is to let you use Google Voice to make and receive phone calls to and from your phone contacts. This is done at no cost whatsoever – all you have to do is to tweak with your Gmail account, and make a phone from the Talkatone phone widget in order to upgrade your Google Voice account, and start receiving/making calls. Since your WiFi (or 3G connection) is going to be employed to process the calls, your cellular minutes are not going to be used.

And users of Talkatone will also be able to send an unlimited amount of SMSes. That is, provided they live in either the US or in Canada.

A service like Talkatone is going to be specially useful for all those who travel a lot and who want to avoid roaming costs. And it will also come in handy for those who want to overcome bad cellular reception – making the call over WiFi signifies the call itself will be as smooth as it could ever be.

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