More – Implementing Chat Support Into Your Site

  • August 5, 2009

Talk2Us.inWe could define Talk2Us as a live chat application which can be integrated with any website and used to engage customers in real time conversation. It can take care of answering queries, questions and ironing any buying spots, and hopefully positively influence purchase decisions.

Notable features include visitor monitoring in real time, and proactive inviting them for chat even if they don’t request a chat, support ticket system to streamline customer queries, and a knowledgebase system for coping with frequently asked questions.

Also, Talk2Us needs no added IT Infrastructural support and it provides rapid customer support while being a completely cost-effective solution. It can not only help you serve your clients better with complete help desk & support ticket solutions but might even help you recover what you spent on your advertising expenses.

The uses of such a system are not circumscribed to just one type of industry – rather, it is very useful for industries ranging far and wide, be it a travel or hotel website, and portals of every denomination are actually taken into account, including those who collect tips or advice on assorted issues like web design, hosting, weigh loss… the possibilities are endless.

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