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  • March 8, 2008 is a web site that will introduce you to the Chicago’s Talk Station, a station in which you will be able to listen to a great deal of news, both national and international, and where a great deal of local issues are continuously discussed.

This 24/7 radio will offer you the possibility to listen to a number of discussions which other talk stations have refused to tackle, thereby offering you the most reliable and informative information that you can get. This web site will offer you the possibility to listen live to the talk station, the program schedule, the WLS contests and newsroom and a great deal more. The site has been organized in a simple and straightforward manner, making your surfing it easy and enjoyable. In addition, the site comes with a powerful search engine which is at your disposal so that you can look for any information which is of your interest. So enter this site now and learn more about what WLS has to offer you!

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