More – Free Video Chat

  • March 4, 2012

Ultimate-Chatzone.comWhen most people think of online video chats, they think of ChatRoulette. And when they think of ChatRoulette, they think of one thing: nudity and obscenity. It’s sad, but the concept of having a video chat with someone has been damaged by the once wildly-popular Russian service. So, it’s great to have sites like Ultimate Chatzone around. Ultimate Chatzone is a provider of clean and safe video chat rooms. If you turn to this site to meet new people, you’re assured you won’t come across anything disgusting when all you wanted was someone to talk to.

The site is subdivided in lots of different rooms. “Teens”, “Kids”, “Girl”, “Latin”… you’re going to choose the one you’ll join according to who you are, and who you want to meet And note that chat rooms can be joined without even having to sign up for the service first. They’re open and available to any person who’s keen on having a nice conversation with someone.

And if you don’t have a webcam, then you can still use the site to have a good old-fashioned text-based chat with people who know how enjoyable it can be to socialize like that. Again – you can do it for free, and without having to create an account beforehand.

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More – Make Customers Talk About You

  • February 24, 2012

ShareYourCart.comSuccessful sales should be judged by just one thing, namely how encouraged to talk about your products and services your customers are. If one of them recommends your store to three or four of his friends, then that’s it. That was a successful sale. Sales that don’t lead into yet more sales are eventually going to leave you and your company stranded in no-man’s land. And if you’ve known that all along, but you could never think of a way to motivate your customers to talk about your products then I’ve got the perfect service for you. ShareCart is a social affiliate marketing tool that encourages customers to talk about your products by giving them free coupons. That is, every time a customer tells his friends about anything he has bought at your store via social media then he will receive a coupon. By applying this coupon to his shopping cart, he’ll be getting a discount.

You (as the merchant) are the one choosing how much of a discount you’re giving to your customers (in fixed amount, percentage, or free shipping). Besides, you’re choosing which social media channels are going to be valid. If you want to keep your social media marketing campaign focused on nothing but Facebook, then you can easily do that.

And you know what’s best? That you can get started for free. Simply submit your site’s URL and your email to get the code you need to paste on your site to have this service implemented.

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More – Weather On Twitter

  • January 25, 2012

WetterWolke.comThere’s hundreds (probably thousands) of people who take to Twitter to talk about the weather. It would be great if all that they’re saying could be used in a positive way, and let people who are thinking about visiting these places know what the weather’s like there in advance, and from a source they can trust. Well, that’s what this new site is all about. WetterWolke is a German startup that brings together all the tweets that are weather-related, and it lets you access them using an interactive map.

This map is actually the first thing you see when you land on the site, and sunny/cloudly/rainy icons are used to give you a quick idea of what the weather’s like all over the world. And by clicking on these icons, you’ll read all the tweets that go with that place.

WetterWolke is a simple site, but it does the job it has set out to do really well. If you’re planning to head somewhere for the weekend or if you’ve got friends traveling abroad and you want to know the kind of weather they’re having without even asking them, then this site will do perfectly.

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More – Talk With Sports Fans

  • January 16, 2012

Hitpost.comHitpost is a new team of mobile developers that has just released its very first product. It’s named OnSports, and we can define it as an application for these sports fans that like to get really involved with games. You know, the ones who start hollering whenever the ref’s whistle is heard, and who can’t celebrate a victory if that doesn’t mean waking up all the people in a five-mile radius. Well, if that’s the kind of spectator you are then this app is going to be perfect for you. And also for your long-suffering neighbors, as it will replace your cries and yells of victory with words that you type and then share in a social context. OnSports stands as a true crowd-powered sports channel for you and those who are as passionate as you are, and who could think of nothing better to relieve their stress and tension than talking about football, basketball, hockey and baseball.

The On Sports app is available both for iOS and Android. This is the App Store link, and this is the link for those of you who have got an Android phone. And you can also get a free install link by sending in your number either via SMS or via email.

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More – Talk About The Weather

  • December 1, 2011

Weathermob.mePeople have always been known to talk about the weather as a way to break the ice, and strike up a conversation with strangers when they find themselves in a completely new place. That’s what happens in real life, at least. Online, things have always been different. Doing the same thing on a site such as Facebook or Twitter in order to start talking with a person who’s an utter stranger would definitely be out of the question. Or would it? This new mobile application seems to be saying that talking about the weather online is the coolest thing ever. It’s available for iOS (Download link), and it lets you say just whatever you want about the weather you’re currently facing. Pretty much anything can be spoken using this app, and you can use photos and videos in order to get the message across even better.

So, checking Weathermob before going out would mean you’ll get to know about weather conditions on any place you’re going to be headed to, straight from the people who are actually there.

And the site’s got a really well-developed social side to it, as you can follow family members and friends who are traveling abroad, and see what kind of weather they’re getting without even speaking to them.

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More – Find People To Talk To

  • November 30, 2011

AnyBeat.comOne would think that the combination of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus would cover the needs of just any person who feels like socializing online. And the huge number of applications and extensions for improving these services that are around (one was reviewed just half an hour ago) simply puts paid to the notion we need even more.

Or does it? The team that’s created AnyBeat would certainly like to disagree. They’ve come up with a service that’s mostly meant to be put to casual uses. That is, they’ve built a communication platform which is not aiming to dethrone Facebook or Twitter. No, AnyBeat is where you can go and find people to talk about anything that you’ve got in your head. It can be just any old thing, as the site is meant to let you discuss both your lifelong dreams and interests along with the topics of the moment.

AnyBeat accounts come at no cost, and registration is done by supplying your email, and by choosing a username and a password (you can change everything later on). And it’s also possible to connect your Facebook account to AnyBeat, and find interesting people to chat with closer at home.

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More – Bring Your Classroom Online

  • November 20, 2011

TalkChalk.comThere’s a real need for social networking services that are aimed at teachers, students and their parents. Some have already surfaced (see and Diipo, for example), and they’re really good in themselves. But we need more. And thankfully, that’s what we’re getting. TalkChalk is the latest social service that brings students and their parents in online contact with educators.

To all intents and purposes, what TalkChalk does is to extend a classroom well beyond the four walls where the learning experience takes place. On this site, students can work and collaborate among themselves as if they were at school. The teacher keeps an eye on all that they’re doing, and he is there to answer their questions. He is also there to make sure all the students are behaving well. And something as worrisome as cyberbullying is kept from happening since students can report abusive behaviour to their teachers.

And parents are aware of all this. They can see what’s happening on such a virtual classroom at all times, and the children can speak to them in the same way that they can speak to their teachers.

So, everybody is kept on the same page. Children can turn to their teachers at all times. And by letting parents help teachers in their difficult jobs, a service like TalkChalk can but make our educational system work more quickly, and (in the end) more successfully.

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More – Threaded Twitter Conversations

  • October 22, 2011

Threadir.comYou know what’s hateful about Twitter? How hard it is to keep track of what people have been saying ever since a conversation started. Checking your Twitter feed late at night is the same as opening a book halfway. You might read something interesting, but you have no idea what happened before, or how things got that far. And while you can take the book and go straight to the first page and start reading it, there’s no such luck with Twitter. You have to start fishing for what all the people who are part of the conversation that you’re interested in have been saying. And that’s dull, dull, dull.

Threadir is a web app that hopes to do something about that, though. You can use it to create (and share) threads with all your contacts. Using this application means that all the conversations you have will always be free from noise. Your friends will see any thread you create, and jump right in if they feel they have anything to say. And you’ll be able to do the same, too, and quickly see what any discussion is all about before opening your mouth.

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More – Talk With Random People

  • August 27, 2011

AhoyhoyApp.comAhoy Hoy is a new chat system that is clearly patterned after ChatRoulette. You see, users of this new service are enabled to hold conversations with random people. It’s all a matter of picking a topic from the four that are offered on the main page, and start chatting away.

These include “Art”, “Music”, “Sports” and “Tech”, and while that’s a more than satisfying range of topics to begin with, it would be great if more were added soon, or if some subdivisions were made.

Other than that, the site is free to use and it does the job it’s meant to do (IE, letting you talk to random people about these thing you care about) more than adequately. Check it out – there’s no need to register for an account in order to get going.

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More – Chat With People Like You

  • July 12, 2011

Grabach.atA new chat service that is Facebook-connected, is an interesting development on ChatRoulette and all the other random chat applications that we have seen surfacing left, right and centre over the best part of the last year. You see, this new service is still focused on letting people become acquainted with strangers (a la ChatRoulette), but the people who interact through the site are given the assurance that any match which is produced is having a minimum of relevance since can take into account these things that users like (and have in common) in order to have them paired.

And not only can people get to know like-minded individuals through the site, they can also report anything that is inappropriate. In this way, the two main shortcomings of utterly-randomized chat sites are solved. Users can connect with people who are in their same wavelength, and they are provided with a clean context in which to do so. The whole family will be able to put a service like this one to its intended use.

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More – Add A Chat To Your Site

  • June 17, 2011

RumbleTalk.comHow can you make your visitors become more connected with your content, and begin relating to it in a more direct way – the kind of way that would lead them to recommending it to all of their friends? There is obviously no unanimous answer to that question. Yet, there are a couple of ways to answer it that are more or less hard to veto. And giving them a chance to talk with other visitors right as they are reading/seeing your content certainly falls in that category. And you know, that is exactly what RumbleTalk will let you do – to add a chat functionality to your site whereby any person who is visiting it will be able to communicate with other people who also happen to be there. This can but make everybody remember your content more vividly at the end of the day.

Just think about it, people might as well learn an important lesson or two when discussing your content with others. And if they are not forgetting about your content in a hurry, then they are more likely to recommend it to their friends, right?

RumbleTalk is free to use. You simply sign up for the service, choose the skin that would do your site justice and off you will go.

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More – Talk About The Shows You Love

  • April 15, 2011

TweePlayer.comTweePlayer is a great communication platform that will let TV viewers discuss their favorite shows with others using Twitter. Basically, TweePlayer lets people talk about all the shows that they love both as they are watching them, and at a later date. This is done by syncing conversations with online videos. In practice, this means that conversations that take place over a lengthy period of time become unified, and any person who is accessing the respective video will get to watch them in a threaded way, all in the same page.

And this works with just anything, not only with TV shows. Sports events, political speeches, college seminars, conference sessions… tweets connected with each and every single one of these can become saved and linked by the application, so that everybody can know what has been said without having to overexert himself at all. Everything will be centralized, and placed in a context where the user will know exactly what has been said by those who came before. Any new tweet will be synced with the relevant part of the video for all to see afterwards.

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More – Social Definitions And Concepts

  • March 22, 2011

Socidi.comEnabling people to join social conversations more easily than ever is what this new service is all about. Socidi defines itself as a dictionary that captures social discussions and conversations about just any concept – people, places, sports… anything that could be discussed on a social level is something that Socidi lends itself to.

The concepts that have been discussed more recently are all highlighted on the main page, and if you see anything that you could say a word or two about (chances are you will), then jumping into that particular conversation is done in seconds. There is no need to sign up for a comment to be placed. Your existing Facebook account will do.

And the site has lots of discovery potential, as you can always look at the top commenters and see which topics and concepts have merited the most attention recently. Once you have figured that out, then you can simply begin following them and learn of all the discussions they become involved in automatically.

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More – Private Discussion Groups

  • February 18, 2011

YapTime.comOnly a fool would discuss just any old thing on a site like Facebook. There are topics that no sound person would bring about in such a context. That is what applications like YapTime are here for.

Essentially, YapTime will let you create private discussion groups in which you interact only with people that you trust. That is only obvious, really – if it is a private group, then the ones who are part of it are people you have a kind of real life connection with.

So, on YapTime you are enabled to communicate only with them, in a setting that no outsider will have access to. You will be able to have media such as photos and videos shared and commented without any person who has got nothing to do with the discussion sticking his nose in.

And a service like this one also makes for news feeds that are completely free of clutter. So, it can be said that yaptime offers the closest to a pure social experience that has yet been devised.

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More – Free Group Chat

  • February 10, 2011

Convore.comA Y Combinator startup, Convore provides a smooth context in which to have group conversations. Users of Convore are allowed to create chats that can be as public or private as they need them to be, and each of these can deal with multiple topics at the same time.

People who are taking part of a conversation can invite their friends on both Twitter and Facebook to join these rooms, and when it comes to private conversations a moderator will have to authorize the participation of those who want to join in.

One of the best features of Convore is how it lets you see statistical information such as who has received, sent and read the biggest amount of direct messages within any conversation. That is really practical for the simple reason that it will let you find the most committed participants when things get too noisy for comfort, and interact with them until the volume is lowered.

Convore can be used for free. Some paid features are meant to be added in due time, but the basic service (as described above) is remaining usable by just everybody, everywhere.

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More – People To Chat With Where You Live

  • January 7, 2011

OhYouGotMe.comOh You Got Me is a new communication platform. Its users are enabled to pinpoint their location, and then be connected with people who are close.

All you need for the connection to be carried through is having a microphone, a webcam and a Flash-enabled browser. If you do, then you can proceed to localize yourself, see who is near and start chatting away with the one(s) who catch your eye for any reason or the other.

Ultimately, a platform like this is quite suitable in the sense that connecting with someone who is located near means you will always have more things to talk about than with someone who is in a faraway country. And that is not even mentioning that if you strike up a nice conversation you will always be able to meet him/her in real life. That is not possible if the other person lives half the world away. Well, I know, it is possible but just too complex for its own good. No need to complicate something which is already complicated, right?

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More – A Chat System For Event Attendees

  • December 14, 2010

Venuing.comVenuing is a mobile application that lets people who are attending the very same sports events chat with each other. This is accomplished by checking in first. Once that has been done, people will be able to see who else is attending the same event, and where they are seated thanks to an overhead map with 3D view. Talking with anybody is a mere matter of individualizing him (or her), and messaging away.

In this way, a truly original channel is opened among attendees. To think that some venues might start incorporating such messages into an actual display is not that unconceivable to me.

As an application, Venuing is available for the three main mobile platforms of the day (IE, iPhones, Blackberries and Android phones). The app can be downloaded for free in all three cases. Links to the respective stores are provided on the site, and you can get the one you want by texting out a code that is provided, too.

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More – Sharing Fragments Of Conversations

  • November 18, 2010

Bnter.comBntr is the newest communication platform that has been released. In general terms, it lets you communicate both with your social graph and newcomers by the use of a free mobile app, and post excerpts of real-life conversations that others can then comment upon.

Bntr profiles are created free of charge. And these can be public or private, according to what you intend to share and the kind of relationships that you want to forge with other users of the service.

Conversations on Bntr can be tagged, and texts can also be attributed to you and/or other individuals. And texts can be reposted (IE the equivalent of doing a retweet), and spread further along in such a way.

So, the aim of Bntr is to let people become part of conversations that involve others in a direct and fun way. The one question is whether people are going to find a purposeful use for this service. By its mere nature, Bntr feels like a platform in which people could pass some time and little else. I guess we will have to see some actual (and massive) uses to figure that out for sure.

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More – Find The Best Gifts For Your Friends

  • October 28, 2010

PresentBee.comPresent Bee is a social platform for discovering great gift ideas and having them discussed with whomever you want. Using Present Bee, you will be able to search for any member of your family or friend that you want to gift, and by talking with those who know him you will get to learn about these items that he has always wanted but that he has never told you about.

And once you have found the right gift for the right person, you can do two different things. One is buying it through Present Bee yourself, and the other is buying it collectively. In this way, you can buy the most elegant gifts ever without going bankrupt in the process. And you will be buying them through trusted retailers, too.

Present Bee works with Facebook, but you shouldn?t worry about your friend or relative knowing about what you are planning – at no point is your activity on Present Bee posted to your Facebook Wall. All your conversations are going to remain private.

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More – Connect With Other FaceTime Device Owners

  • October 28, 2010

FTFun.comWe can define FTFun as a community site that is conformed by FaceTime device owners only. That is, people who have an iPhone 4, a 4th Generation iPod Touch or that are running the FaceTime app on their Macs.

Here, they will be capable of connecting with other people who own any such device without having to disclose their phone numbers or email addresses in social sites and places like forums. Because that is the problem with FaceTime as it currently stands – it is not possible to know which friends are also using the service.

That is something Apple is obviously going to take care of before too long. Yet, sites like this one are going to fill the gap in the meantime.

Using FTFun involves signing up on the site and downloading the (free) FTFun application. Once this app has been installed and launched, the user will be informed about these individuals that they know who are available to talk. It is as simple as that.

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