Knowledgebase.net – Talisma Solutions

  • November 27, 2007

Knowledgebase.netTalisma is a leading provider of Customer Interaction Management software solutions that enable businesses to deliver a truly exceptional online customer experience. Talisma solutions improve customer satisfaction by integrating the power of email, phone, chat, VoIP, and Web self-service with a robust and mature Customer Interaction Management Web services platform, comprehensive analytics, and a system-wide knowledge base.

Knowledgedatabase.net was created to promote one of Talisma solutions called Talisma Knowledgebase. Talisma Knowledgebase streamlines the entire documentation process for companies to share information with employees, customers, and partners. The flexible, self-learning Knowledgebase captures and presents current, relevant information to customers in a Web self-service mode, and to agents through a flexible portal within the single screen agent interface. The site provides detailed information about this solution and also information about the company. For further information, you have the opportunity to have a live chat or send an email to a member of the team. Knowledgebase.net

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