TalesFromCubeland.com – Office Tales And Gossip

  • March 30, 2011

TalesFromCubeland.comTales From Cubeland is a website devoted to nothing but weird stories from workplaces. Obviously, this site is meant to have a cathartic value most of all – people who have had a bad day are allowed to pour their every feeling, and let the world read all about it. And they can do it anonymously. Provided they keep the narration free from any kind of names (which is what common sense dictates in these cases, after all) then they will be able to get away with it.

The site is also open to romantic stories and plain old gossip. And some gentleman has even used Tales from Cubeland to list all the items that he has nicked from work.

So, anything that takes places at an office can be conveyed here. Depending on your personality, you might feel it a more realized activity than punching a bag or trotting for two hours after you finally got home from work. That is up to you.

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