Taleo.com – Talent Management

  • September 22, 2007

Taleo.comWant to improve your workforce? Need to recover your business performance? About to recruit new employees? If so, taleo.com is the site you have been looking for.

They are a talent management leader. In this site you will find solutions to all hire types. They offer three different solutions. One of them is taleo enterprise edition which enables medium to large enterprises to deal with global talent management initiatives for professional, hourly and contingent workforces. The other solution is taleo business edition designed for organizations with hundreds of employee’s standalone departments or small staffing companies. And the last is taleo hourly express which offers an easy way to accept bilingual phone and web applications, among others. They improve quality of hire, cut expenses and augment retention. If you want to begin experiencing taleo solutions, don’t forget to download their 30 day trial version. Taleo.com

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