TalentWatch.net – Finding Talent On The Internet

  • January 29, 2010

TalentWatch.netThere are so many fame-seekers submitting videos to YouTube as if there were no tomorrow that finding the true, legitimate talent out there becomes a very cluttered experience indeed. As such, it is a good thing to have resources like TalentWatch around.

TalentWatch is a site that focuses solely on music talent. Artists provide a personal video (in which they tell their stories) along with a video of them performing somewhere. In this way, the site is free from clutter of any kind, everything is kept focused and you get to know the man (or woman) behind the music. It is even possible to contact the artists directly once you have joined the site, and get to know them just that little bit better. Maybe you will even end up playing a key role in their eventual rise to fame

Once you have watched any of the artists in action you will have the chance to rate him based on his talent, entertainment and likeability. In this way, the most entertaining content can be shared more easily with friends and peers.

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