Netshare.com – Your Career Management Link

  • June 6, 2008

Netshare.comNetshare Inc is a membership-based organization dedicated to providing executives and professionals across all disciplines and industries, with quality job listings, networking opportunities and a community of peers for the exchange of strategic information related to job search, professional development, and best practices. This means that this site offers professional services to job seekers, recruiters, companies, ad executives as well.

On one hand, candidates can seek and find high qualified jobs through accessing thousands of executive jobs. They also can place their executive summary or full resume in front of companies and recruiters; after posted, the document goes directly to the employer that is looking for your profile. On the other hand, recruiters and companies can post their jobs, tap into a database of senior level executive, and access the best source of talent. To take advantage of these services you have to login by getting a monthly, semi-annual, or annual membership. Netshare.com

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Strutta.com – Show Them Who’s the Best

  • April 15, 2008

Strutta.comSo, you think you’re the best, huh? Well, join the crowd, so does everyone else. As we are inherently competitive beings, we all think we can do better than everyone else, whether it be playing Donkey Kong, shooting zombies, or rapping and scatting.

Vancouver based Strutta, allows anyone and everyone to prove their worth. If you think you’re the cat’s meow and can beat everyone at oh, say Frolf, record yourself and send it in or login into your Youtube account and select your videos there. Your peers will vote, and you can keep track of your stats on the leaderboard. If your points are dropping, upload a new video showing more of your dazzling skills. If you do out strut everyone else you’ll get a shot at the Strutta finale. Talents are sorted by type and there are all sorts of talents out there–from the most Poetic Poet to the Buffest Fitness Trainer, and the Best Cat Walker. Some categories still need filling though—for instance do you think you can out journalist Brokaw? Prove it.

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ShowOffDemo.com – A Personal Showcase

  • September 25, 2007

ShowOffDemo.comShowOffDemo.com, a new social networking Web site showcasing talents and hobbies, provides an online community where members can showcase their talents and hobbies.

It is for everyone around the globe to demonstrate and show-off your talents, passions, hobbies and pastimes. Show off to the world. You can share and promote your showcase with photos, videos, audio, documentation and blogs. Connect or invite friends, family, and industry experts to view your showcase, share and exchange similar interests, ideas, creations, and extend your network. Everyone has that special talent, hobby or passion that defines today’s world from the traditional to the extraordinary. As a social media Web site, ShowOffDemo.com lets members interact and connect with similar talents while also expanding their databases of professional contacts.

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