TalentMaven.com – Connecting The Entertainment Industry

  • August 11, 2010

TalentMaven.comTalentMaven is a professional networking site that is squarely aimed at these individuals who are part of the entertainment industry, or who want to become part of it. This new network will let them build up the necessary connections to let them either become discovered or consolidate the gains that they have already made.

I am sure that you can guess exactly how the network goes: you create an account, you add pictures, you list your professional references, you can communicate with others, and all that takes place is highlighted as part of a news feed.Signing up for this site comes free of charge, and you have to pick one of three categories: “Industry”, “Talent” and “Audience”. That last one is interesting, and it merits a small mention at the very least. In addition to connecting the different parties involved in the industry, Talent Maven also aims to let fans of celebrities and media personalities become involved in it all. This is undoubtedly to make the network a more livelier and dynamic place, and let it resemble Facebook as well as LinkedIn. But note that in order to connect with a member you must actually be introduced by a common friend.

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