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1966.com – 1966 Sports Talent Management

  • September 12, 2010

1966.com is the official website of the 1966 Entertainment Ltd. Company. As you can see through this site, this company is dedicated to manage the commercial interests of the England Football Team and its football players. If you live in England, and you like football, you might find this site interesting.

Many users stop by this site to find anything they are interested in with just a click. You can take a look at the England’s football player’s programm, and get details about their relation with the Football Association. In addition, if you are a football player in England, and you need career management services, 1966.com might be of help.

1966.com is the right site you should stop by in case you are looking for information about this company and the services its provides to the England Football Team. You can browse this site for details about the career management services for football players provided by this company, and much more.

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CornerstoneOnDemand.com – Learning & Talent Management

  • September 10, 2009

CornerstoneOnDemand.comCornerstone OnDemand is a company which provides SaaS learning and talent management software and services worldwide. Using it, any organization should theoretically optimize the productivity of its workforce by way of an integrated suite that makes possible employee collaboration, professional networking and an approach which is far more flexible on the whole.

Being presented on a SaaS basis, the provided platform has neither IT barriers nor on-site maintenance required. Everything is browser based and the data is centralized. This means that administrators at companies can have a balanced picture of goals and performance, along with competencies and succession plans that go from front-line employees all the way to upper management. Such an insight makes not only for a better alignment of goals but also for overall enhanced employee preparedness and succession management The entire lifecycle of employees is then covered, and organizations can make better-informed decisions.

Also, since Cornerstone is provided on a SaaS basis it can support a larger deployment of information than these solutions which are not hosted in the cloud. And it also gives any organization the invaluable assurance that such sensitive data is safe from any accidental erasure, and accessible from wherever it might need to be accessed.

This solution is likewise available in more than 15 languages, and a free demo can be procured through the site. If you are looking for ways of realizing the human potential of your organization or company, it is fair to say this is an interesting resource par excellence.

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Talcura.com – Talent Management Solutions

  • November 27, 2008

Talcura.comTalcura is a leading provider of On-Demand Integrated Talent Management Solutions. This company allows organizations to hire, develop, manage, and train staff using their integrated management suite.

Talcura can help your business reach its maximum potential through the use of their tools by enabling you to attract, hire, and retain talent, effectively. Talcura delivers advanced on-demand capabilities through its cutting-edge talent management platform.

Through a powerful suite of web-based talent management solutions Talcura allows businesses to build strategic human capital capability by optimizing talent management processes, while improving business performance. As a leading recruitment and employee performance management software vendor, Talcura has shown long term strategic and operational benefits to its customers.

If you’re interested in hiring the best possible talent for your business in order for it to move forward and succeed, having the right tools is key. One of the biggest assets that a company can have is the talent of the staff that push it forward. Talcura’s suite of management tools, is one of the options available to optimize your company.


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Authoria.com – Talent Recruitment and Management

  • March 9, 2008

Authoria.comIf you need support for your efforts to hire the most qualified candidates, attract and engage high-impact employees and build future leaders for important positions, take a look at Authoria.com, the leading provider of integrated talent management software, performance management, recruiting software and compensation management software.

This is the homepage of Talent management which refers to the processes and practices of managing employees to achieve desired objectives. You already know that used effectively, talent management can help organizations optimize the efforts of its employees and achieve business success. To support talent management processes, a number of technology solutions have been developed, designed to automate the process to make it more efficient. Further, the most effective talent management solutions deliver direct value to the business manager. Besides improving efficiency and providing useful information to HR professionals, these solutions also help the business manager with their daily talent management responsibilities. The website lists all the most effective talent management solutions address all elements in the process including recruiting, performance management, succession planning and career development, compensation management, and employee communications. These comprehensive solutions address talent management in an integrated fashion, making links between performance and compensation, performance and recruiting, succession and development, and other relevant functions. Because talent does matter, doesn’t it? Authoria.com

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HRdpt.com – Smart Solutions for Talent Management

  • November 26, 2007

HRdpt.comHRsmart provides the only complete talent management technology suite giving the power to companies to attract, hire, develop and retain top talent quickly and efficiently. HRsmart tries to make companies develop a comprehensive strategy for workforce planning and development, facilitated by technology, to prepare for the challenges ahead.

Their mission is to provide technology, professional expertise and exceptional support services to companies, enabling them to recruit, manage and retain top performers. If you’re planning to start hiring people for your company; checkout their pre-hiring solutions and their post-hire solutions so that you make no mistake when it is about hiring. HRdpt.com

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Hodesiq.com – Applicant Tracking System

  • October 24, 2007

Hodesiq.comHodesiq.com is a demonstration of a commitment named Bernard Hodes Group. Human Resources professionals using the Hodesiq.com system find it an easy-to-use, effective tool for both recruiting via the Internet and handling their current applicant flow.

Hodesiq.com is an ASP-based e-recruiting and talent management solution that enables recruiters to more effectively source candidates, manage candidates and responses, and measure hiring results. In addition, the website is a complete e-recruiting and talent management system. It hosts your corporate career sites, manages your hiring process, and posts your jobs on the Web. Hodesiq.com has the largest number and variety of job boards available for posting a job. It’s the simplest method for managing your sourcing strategy. It even manages your current relationships with any job board contracts you may have. More over, Hodesiq.com can simply manage everything, from requisition to offer to hire, through an easy-to-use interface. It offers some of the most convenient ways of managing responses available and can be configured to incorporate everyone involved in the corporate hiring process. Last but not least, Hodesiq.com provides you the tools to measure a host of metrics from tracking candidate expenses and sourcing effectiveness to recruiter performance and hiring ratios. Their solution provides you with the metrics to make more informed decisions that tie-in with your company’s business goals. Hodesiq.com

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Taleo.com – Talent Management

  • September 22, 2007

Taleo.comWant to improve your workforce? Need to recover your business performance? About to recruit new employees? If so, taleo.com is the site you have been looking for.

They are a talent management leader. In this site you will find solutions to all hire types. They offer three different solutions. One of them is taleo enterprise edition which enables medium to large enterprises to deal with global talent management initiatives for professional, hourly and contingent workforces. The other solution is taleo business edition designed for organizations with hundreds of employee’s standalone departments or small staffing companies. And the last is taleo hourly express which offers an easy way to accept bilingual phone and web applications, among others. They improve quality of hire, cut expenses and augment retention. If you want to begin experiencing taleo solutions, don’t forget to download their 30 day trial version. Taleo.com

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