Three Key Hiring Lessons For Growing Startups

  • May 30, 2014

Recently, my startup Speek closed our Series A funding round. It was a lot of hard work, and I am incredibly proud of our team for making it through with our sanity (mostly) intact. But now it’s time to add to that team. We’ll be leveraging our Series A capital to bring two or three new people on board every…


3 Simple Ways To Attract Top Startup Talent

  • May 14, 2014

Adding to your startup’s staff represents a major challenge for many small business owners. While there’s no arguing that bringing on rock star employees can help advance your business objectives faster than bottom-of-the-barrel applicants, you may not have the leverage of high salaries, exorbitant…


How To Avoid Hiring The Wrong Person For Your Startup

  • July 4, 2013

“He sounded so capable in the interview!” “I just don’t know what happened. It seemed like she had exactly the right experience we were looking for!” “The whole team loved him, so we just went with it.” Perhaps you’ve uttered these words yourself, or heard them from a hiring manager who is experiencing…


Don’t Let A Tech Bottleneck Kill Your Startup

  • May 23, 2013

During the recession, everyone was fretting over jobs, and it revealed an interesting conundrum in the US job market, namely that there are plenty of jobs, just not enough skilled people to fill them, especially in the technology sector. This critical shortage has lead to heavy demand for key skills…


Hire A-Players For Your Startup

  • May 7, 2012

Large corporations go out of their way to hire headhunters to look for the best available talent for their company. They know hiring the best person makes the company better, period.  As a startup you might not be able to afford A-Players for your company but you have qualities that a big conglomerate can not offer. These qualities attract A-Players that are looking for a different path to success and as an organization you have to do what you can to attract and retain them for as long as you can.

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Venturocket.com – Find A Job Based On Your Skills

  • August 19, 2011

Venturocket.comJob seekers and employers looking for fresh talent have never had it this good. Venturocket is a truly nimble matchmaking system that will let them get in contact with one another just by supplying the simplest of information. People who are looking for a job have to specify exactly what they can do, whereas companies looking for young talent can find both team members and contractors through the site. And Venturocket can also be used by recruiting firms that are looking for a quick way to find skilled people, and satisfy the demands of any client that has hired their services.

In all cases, the matches that are made are based solely on skills. Job seekers are asked to specify what they can do, and nothing more. Companies have to specify the skills they need candidates to have, and nothing more. That is the way the site works, and it certainly makes things smoother for everybody. Long-winded resumes and ornate description are not allowed here. And users of Venturocket are not requested to pay anything for making or viewing posts; they are only charged for their actual connections. No subscriptions of any kind have to be paid here.

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RecruitLoop.com.au – Hire Recruit Experts

  • August 18, 2011

RecruitLoop.com.auAn Australian startup which aims to revolutionize the way in which talent is found and hired, RecruitLoop lets employers do without all the hassles of “conventional” recruitment processes. How? By hiring the services of expert recruiters that will do the job for them instead, and find the most suitable candidates for any position that needs to be filled.

Companies that use this service first connect with the expert recruiters themselves, by posting their exact needs for recruiters to volunteer their services. Each and every recruiter who is part of the RecruitLoop network has got a profile detailing his previous performance, and with the feedback he has received from other companies he has helped in the past.

And the process that comes after having decided to work with any specific recruiter involves receiving a shortlist of candidates, and then reviewing recorded video interviews and tests before making the big decision of who to hire. Once that decision has been arrived at, the expert is going to be paid based on how much time he has worked, and he is also being rated and reviewed for future companies to know who they’ll be working with if they hire him.

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College2Startup.com – Recruit The Best Young Talent

  • June 12, 2011

College2Startup.comStartups that want to recruit the best minds of our generation could do a lot worse than checking out this new website. As its name puts it, College2Startup.com is where talent which is just emerging from college can get a ready chance to get in touch with startups that are eager to hire young professionals.

The dynamics of the site are as follows. Companies register and then they can proceed to list as many job openings as they need to have covered. Grads (and undergrads) who use the site will be able to read these listings (and also filter them in lots and lots of way, of course), and once they have found one that sounds interesting then they can get in touch with the company that posted it. If all goes well, the usual process of interviews and tests will then begin. And if all goes even better, the grad will have landed a job at the end of it all, and the company will have gained a young and energetic member.

And it must be mentioned that these grads and undergrads who sign up for the service will begin receiving job recommendations straight in their inboxes. So, that is the job search process simplified to no end for them.

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BBNM.org – Work For Talented Students

  • March 22, 2011

BBNM.orgTalented students the world over rejoice. This new platform is here to let you become connected with recruiters looking for people with your skills and determination.

BBNM is built around a crowdsourcing concept. On this site, students can collaborate and solve problems posed by companies and organizations, and show everybody how bright they are. In exchange for their input, they will receive work opportunities at these organizations that have chosen to use this site as a recruitment platform.

As far as students are concerned, this site can only be joined by those attending any of the schools that are part of the BBNM network. An email address provided by any of these schools is mandatory for creating an account.

And companies can browse through the database of registered users, look through their qualifications, and invite the ones that seem promising to work at specific projects. User profiles on BBNM actually highlight more than the actual qualifications – they make it very clear the abilities the user has.

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TubeFolio.com – Become Famous Online

  • March 6, 2011

TubeFolio.comWe all know that Justin Bieber became famous thanks to YouTube. Yet, even the greenest person around knows that things are not as easy as they might seem. Just because you have uploaded a terrific video to YouTube it would be foolish to think that talent scouts will watch it. They might not even find it. And that is something that could hardly be helped. Do you know the amount of new clips that are uploaded to YouTube in a single minute? Do you know the chances that you have got of your video actually being featured on the homepage? And the chances of it staying there long enough for the one who is looking for talent to find it?

You do. We all do. And that is why a site like TubeFolio has been created. We can think of it as a kind of YouTube for people who want to show their skills to the world. Only videos of such nature are allowed on TubeFolio. Nothing else can be shared through the site.

In other words: uploaders will be ensured that scouts who are looking for people with their talents will have a direct way to sample their abilities. And scouts will have no manual filtering to do, other than specifying the actual category and tags from the four on offer (Film, Music, Dance and Sports). So, things become definitely far more instant for everybody here.

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Mixtent.com – Rate People On LinkedIn

  • February 22, 2011

Mixtent.comMixtent is a rating system for LinkedIn. The site has been built to let users of the professional networking site par excellence single out the most talented people within these circles they move in.

On Mixtent, people are compared side by side. Those who know them can tell who is better when it comes to anything, and the idea is to generate a database of reputability that is entirely powered by users. Those who need to hire a specific professional will be able to turn to Mixtent, see who has received the best ratings (and comments), and proceed to get in touch with him personally. And users are also enabled to see how others have rated them at a glance thanks to the analytics that come with each profile.

Provided enough people take to it, this system can yield more than fruitful results. And I frankly see no reason why people would give this website a cold shoulder – I mean, it is free to use and it can streamline professional networking more than considerably.

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BrightMesh.com – Get A Better Job

  • January 25, 2011

BrightMesh.comA Canadian startup, BrightMesh hopes to position itself as the tool of choice for professionals that want to advance their careers. The site lets just any job seeker see the true relationships that are between companies and individuals, and learn how to approach them more efficiently.

BrightMesh takes the shape of a network in which people and companies become interconnected nodes. Users can rate each other, and share the work experiences that they have had together.

On BrightMesh, you will be able to execute four different types of searches: by job, by people, by brightspots and by company/projects. The first two of these merit no explanations, but a word or two must be said regarding brightspots. Basically, these are selection environments in which capable professionals can show what they can do, and they can also be used by companies to promote their activities to the public at large.

BrightMesh is a site that can be joined and used by just anybody. Profiles come at no cost, and they can also be created really quickly.

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TuneCrank.com – For Young & New Musicians

  • November 15, 2010

TuneCrank.comDo you like music? Are you an independent music lover? Well then, you might check this site out. On Tunecrank.com you can upload a tune and check the ranking. You can take a look at the latest uploaded tunes and find new independent music songs.

Additionally, there are many benefits provided by Tunecrank.com when it comes to independent music. You can upload a tune and get your music heard by anyone interested. In addition, you can listen to other independent music tunes, and check the current ranking of independent music tunes. Moreover, you can take a look at the tune makers information, and search for more independent music tunes.

In conclusion, if you like independent music, feel free to stop by Tunecrank.com. Tune Crank gives you the chance to upload a tune and find many other independent music tunes. In addition, you can check the tunes ranking, and listen to independent music tunes.

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TalentMaven.com – Connecting The Entertainment Industry

  • August 11, 2010

TalentMaven.comTalentMaven is a professional networking site that is squarely aimed at these individuals who are part of the entertainment industry, or who want to become part of it. This new network will let them build up the necessary connections to let them either become discovered or consolidate the gains that they have already made.

I am sure that you can guess exactly how the network goes: you create an account, you add pictures, you list your professional references, you can communicate with others, and all that takes place is highlighted as part of a news feed.Signing up for this site comes free of charge, and you have to pick one of three categories: “Industry”, “Talent” and “Audience”. That last one is interesting, and it merits a small mention at the very least. In addition to connecting the different parties involved in the industry, Talent Maven also aims to let fans of celebrities and media personalities become involved in it all. This is undoubtedly to make the network a more livelier and dynamic place, and let it resemble Facebook as well as LinkedIn. But note that in order to connect with a member you must actually be introduced by a common friend.

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Elegant.ly – Connecting Startups With Designers

  • August 2, 2010

Elegant.lyElegant.ly might be a useful site for you, if you want to apply for a job as a designer or simply hire a designer. In case you own a startup and you need to find a designer, this site might be an interesting option to consider.

Do you want to find a place where designers can be hired by startups? If that is true, Elegant.ly might be a good option for you to keep in mind. If you are looking for a designer job, you can log in to your LinkedIn profile and apply online. Then, next time you want to hire a designer online, you should give Elegant.ly a try.

In case you want to apply online for a job as a designer, this site might be a good option to consider. In conclusion, feel free to stop by Elegant.ly if you want to hire a designer online for your startup.

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Rayleague.com – Social Networking For Soccer Players

  • April 16, 2010

Rayleague.comThere is nothing mysterious or complicated about this social site. It is aimed at soccer players that want to start making a name for themselves, and also interact with other players from over the world who are in a similar position.

Of course, they can also interact with players that are already on their way towards a successful career and ask them for advice and general guidance. And a section entitled “Tips From Coaches” is there to play out a similar role.

The site also makes room for fans of the sport, as profiles of fans are highlighted on the main page for all to see and take notice.

Finally, it goes without saying that media such as videos and photographs is readily shared on the site. That was to be expected – after all, is there a more direct way of highlighting your skills when trying to impress an agent that letting him watch that aerodynamically-impossible scissor kick that you managed to pull off, and that sent the ball flying past the goalkeeper’s nose?

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Solvate.com – Talented People For Specific Projects

  • March 25, 2010

Solvate.comSolvate is a new platform that aims to bring companies that require specific services with talented people who could provide them. The way the site operates is by having a database that is scoured whenever you (IE, the company that needs to hire personal) place a request.

Once a match has been found, you are connected with the individual, and the assignment will be explained in clearer detail.

Requests are placed in one of eight different categories, and the most active by far is the one named “Creative Services”. Other categories that also see a lot of requests include the ones named “Business Development” and “Research”. The request itself involves filling in two different fields, namely “I need a…” and “who can…”.

The site also connects with LinkedIn, and you can see how many people who are part of Solvate’s workforce are actually found there.

Finally, it is important to mention that the site has a “100 % Satisfaction” policy. This basically means that if you are not happy with the service that was rendered to you by this hired hand then you won’t be charged at all.

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ISeeng.com – Showcase Your Singing Abilities

  • February 3, 2010

ISeeng.comSites where people can showcase their musical skills are nothing new, but they sure are great fun. I think their chemistry with the public lies in the fact we all know that there are a couple of undiscovered Suzan Boyles around, and whenever we sit down to watch a performance on any of these sites we think we might be able to witness such a prodigy on our screen.

ISeeng is the latest site that has surfaced for the spotlighting of talent. As you can guess by glancing at its name, it revolves around singing and only that. If you can play an incendiary guitar solo and you want to show everybody how you ape Duane Allman you will have to look elsewhere. But if you deem yourself as the new Suzan Boyle, this is where it’s at.

All you have to do is sign up (for free) and record a video using your webcam. Once that is done, you simply upload it and see how well it goes down. The site is available both in English and Spanish, too. Songs in both languages are featured.

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TheTalentSite.com – Showcase Your Talent

  • January 30, 2010

TheTalentSite.comThe Talent Site is an online resource based on the premise that there is more to talent than singing and dancing. That is correct – there are people all over the world that have superlative talent in a wide array of areas, and this talent might be difficult to be expressed since television and radio have always monopolized proceedings, offering an outlet that can but be insufficient.

That is what this site aims to address by offering users the ability to upload different types of content including audio, video, images, and print. This content can be shared socially, as links that can be embedded at will are provided. Of course, it is also accessible on the site as a portfolio that anybody who is looking for people with any specific skill can check out.

Each and every portfolio can be rated, too, and as the content begins gaining votes it will also become more relevant within its own category – IE, it will become more findable.

Besides, the site not only offers a flexible platform for commenting and leaving feedback on any user’s content but also a forum that will let users get to know each other best and take collaboration into a further level.

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