uTales.com – Digital Picture Books

  • November 5, 2011

uTales.comI grew up with picture books, and I’ll never forget how much they entertained me and educated me. There was something incredibly magical about them. I guess that the main reason I remember them so fondly is because of how they created a true connection between me and my father. And kids today aren’t getting that. Books have now been displaced by software and applications that many parents feel ill at ease with. So, anything that can update picture books and make them remain popular with children (and by extension their fathers) is more than welcome.

uTales is one such service. It gives you access to quality digital picture books that you can read with your children. These books are easy to open and browse, and they are fully interactive. They’ll let you and your children become actively involved in what you’re reading. And if you’re on the creative side, you can go all the way and build a story yourself, to be read with your children at bedtime on your tablet.

The site actually lets you sell the stories that you create to other parents. So, not only will uTales.com let you create something to share with your kids, it will also let you generate an income by marketing your own creative work. And (just as importantly), make children all over the world happy with your own stories.

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LittleBirdTales.com – Interactive Stories By Children

  • February 10, 2011

LittleBirdTales.comLittle Bird Tales is a web-based platform that lets children create interactive stories. They are allowed to record themselves, and then add both images and text to these recordings until a full story has been created. These can then be shared on the site (if the story is labeled as public), or only with specific people such as close friends and relatives.

The whole process is free, and really intuitive. No special software has to be installed. As long as a mic is available, the children will be able to record themselves.

A site like this one works on multiple levels. Not only do the children improve their communicative skills, they are also encouraged to be more imaginative. And if you think about it, Little Bird Tales stands as a truly green alternative to having books made.

Structurally, the site is very easy to navigate and use. This means the children will be able to find their way through it even with the help of relatives who are not really tech-savvy (IE, grandparents). And the absence of external links and ads certainly keeps things cleaner and more focused.

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DITDGifted.org – Talent Development

  • June 10, 2008

DITDGifted.orgIf you have a child that has special aptitudes that you would like them to explore further, perhaps you should contact the Davidson Institute for Talent Development. The Davidson Institute supports gifted young people to develop their special skills providing them, their families, and educators with scholarships, programs, and information services.

Students can benefit from financial support of up to $50,000 with the Davidson Fellows, scholarships recognizing extraordinary young people who have completed a significant piece of work. The Davidson Institute also provides a public day school that offers middle and high school students an accelerated education; this school, located on the University of Nevada campus is completely free of charge. The institute also provides free support services for profoundly gifted students ages 5 to18 in educational advocacy, talent and interest development. Educators can also benefit from the Davidson Institute as they are provided with a national program that allows them to learn more about the academic needs of gifted students. DITDGifted.org

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Disneybridal.com – Fairy Tale Wedding Dresses

  • May 6, 2008

Disneybridal.comIf you are planning to get married soon, you might want to check Disneybridal.com out. On this website you will find information on Disney Fairy Tale Weddings, which might be an interesting alternative to common wedding ceremonies. On Disneybridal.com you will find out all about a new collection that features Disney Princess-inspired wedding dresses.

On Disneybridal.com you will discover an original idea that consists of a collection of wedding dresses inspired in Disney Fairy Tales. Are you looking for wedding gown shops? Then you might consider pay a visit to this site and check information on designer Alfred Angelo and his new bride gown collection.

Disneybridal.com is the site you should stop by if you are planning to surprise with a totally original wedding ceremony. On this site you can read about designer Alfred Angelo and the upcoming collection of wedding dresses inspired in Disney Fairy Tales. Remember this site next time you think of wedding gown shops. Disneybridal.com

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Go2GBO.Com – Graybeard Outdoors

  • April 16, 2008

Go2GBO.ComThis webpage is rather strange, although some people might find interesting things about it. It only has two sections.

The first one consists of a forum, where you can find useful information provided by the page’s users about hunting. Rifles, handguns and shotguns are just one of the many categories this forum offers. It also has products discussion that you may find useful if you would like to make a hunting gear purchase. A section featuring USA states might come in handy if you live in one of them. Finally there is one section regarding politics, religion and the news, which can make the hunter get a scoop on the real world out there. The other section can be more interesting: campfire tales, those typical that you might have heard on boy scouts camp, but online. Whumpus Cats might be worth reading. But don’t get prejudgements about this page, just click on it and see if it suits you. Go2GBO.Com

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Hypertextopia.com – Creative Writing and Reading

  • October 23, 2007

Hypertextopia.comIf you dig creative writing, you’ll dig Hypertextopia.com.

Whether you are a reader or a writer, you can explore this site with curiosity and intrigue. The site seems very basic but the stories and writing techniques really pull the audience in for a closer look. Readers can lounge around in the Grand Library of this spacey site and check out stories and illustrations such as “The Astronomical Adventures of Julio Cohete” and “Valentina.” The stories are displayed in a relatively large font and are scattered with a series of “fragments”. Fragments are words that are highlighted in a bright color and connect to “enriching extra bits of text,” called shards, that are displayed next the story. Writers have a whole new ballgame to get entwined in. Writing in hypertextopia involves creating a story that includes fragments and shards in a web-like format. The fragment and shard pieces of the web can be moved around the screen and connected by links. Hypertextopia is working off of a fun, creative and risky writing format that readers and writers alike should fine intriguing.

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