TakeTake.com – Keep Track Of All That You Want

  • January 4, 2011

TakeTake.comCheck-ins for things instead of places. That is the essence of this site. Users of TakeTake can individualize these items that they have (or that they plan on having), and begin following them. In this way, they can learn all that is said about these products that mean something to them, and read all the conversations directly connected to these items.

And in the vein of FourSquare, people are rewarded for interacting through this site. The more conversations they take part of, then the more points they will receive, and the more badges that they will unlock. These will let others know how trustworthy they are, and the kind of items that they specialize in.

Once the site catches on, it is bound to become a shopping tool par excellence. Any person will be able to know how good any product is upon its very release – which problems people are experiencing, in which senses it satisfies them… making better-informed shopping decisions will become the easier thing in the world.

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